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crusty_bread (IP Logged)
05 March, 2012 19:59

Now winter testing is over, how do you feel about Williams' chances in 2012?

Cautiously Optimistic
Cautiously Pessimistic

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So, the question is, how are you feeling right now? A much easier question to answer than asking you to predict where Williams will finish that's for sure.

According to Andrew Benson, up and down the pitlane, all the technical directors are predicting a very close season in 2012. Williams' short and long stint pace seem much closer to the front in testing than last year, and the EBD almost certainly has something to do with that.

However, despite optimistic noises coming from the team, Hekki's comments about Williams, being Caterhams' nearest competitor was a real party-pooper of a comment. That would be catastrophic!

With this in mind, predicting whether Sauber, or Force India will be ahead of Williams or Toro Rosso seems impossible.

All I can glean from testing is that the achilles heel for Williams last year was excessive tyre-wear. Otherwise, they were always on a par with these teams during qualifying and the start of races, albeit never in the hunt by the end of a race.

Based on the teams' comments, and observing the lap-times, Im confident Williams have addressed this issue without sacrificing outright lap-time. The switch to Renault has probably helped, and from that angle, Im optimistic Williams will be able to compete more consistently with Toro Rosso, Force India and Sauber, and score a lot more points as a result.

Whether that means Williams will finish higher in the constructors championship, I don't know, but it's a start. I think they can, but I can't see any clear performance advantage over their competitors.

Re: Mood-Poll
J4ck (IP Logged)
05 March, 2012 20:02
I'm moderately optimistic, I agree with those who argue that fighting in the middle is very tight. I hope that our drivers can not suffer much competition in the event of a fight on tenths.

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Re: Mood-Poll
pgj (IP Logged)
05 March, 2012 20:15
Have to go with the optimistic option. My biggest fear is that once the gloves come off in Q1 we will get blown away.

Williams and proud of it.

Re: Mood-Poll
Bond (IP Logged)
05 March, 2012 20:46
I am cautiously pessimistic.
7 years of optimism does that to me haha.

Seriously, my vote is with a cavete:

Because of the numerous changes to organization & technical partners, I think we will be optimization mode the first 3rd of the season before fighting for serious points thereafter.

But I hope to be proven seriously WRONG!

Re: Mood-Poll
Anderis (IP Logged)
05 March, 2012 20:51
I'm catiously optimistic. I think we may be in simillar position to our 2010 season, with less difference between our quali and race pace. I'm pretty sure that we won't be the worst of established teams and will finish higher in WCC than last year.
But 6th place in WCC isn't extactly what would satisfy me but I cannot see real opportunity to finish higher this year. But my bet is also that we won't finish lower.

C'mon, we have better technical team and more resources than Sauber, Force India and Toro Rosso and we won't be behind them forever.

Re: Mood-Poll
05 March, 2012 20:54
Kovaleinen only picked us because they were nearest us last year, in fact most peoples prdeictions for the pecking order are the order the teams finished last year apart from Ferrari, I think we are going to surprise 1 or 2 this season.

Re: Mood-Poll
crusty_bread (IP Logged)
05 March, 2012 21:01
I wouldn't be surprised if things are relatively unchanged from last year, come Melbourne. People are predicting doom at Ferrari. Given the fairly stable rules, I doubt it.

Re: Mood-Poll
Mikef1 (IP Logged)
05 March, 2012 22:20
The rules were stable yes but the Ferrari is very different. If they had been conservative then I would agree with you, but the F150th Italia and this years F2012 don't have much in common. I don't know about the Fw34 it is faster than the Fw33. Over half a second a lap quicker.

Re: Mood-Poll
joepr (IP Logged)
05 March, 2012 23:02
"I wouldn't be surprised if things are relatively unchanged from last year, come Melbourne. People are predicting doom at Ferrari. Given the fairly stable rules, I doubt it."

I agree that Ferrari/Alonso will in the top teams but I do not think that Williams will be behind Sauber, Toro Rosso, FIF1 etc.

Many of last year problems are gone (engine and tire wear). Williams has much better facilities and the budget is not bad. It is going to depend if both drivers rises to the top.

In less than 2 weeks will will know if Williams F1 will survive.

Re: Mood-Poll
redrose (IP Logged)
05 March, 2012 23:16
I can see the FW34 struggling in qualifing, its a very close group in the midfield, and we don't, yet, have superstar qualifying drivers, capable of that extra 3 tenths, but that said I think that we have a excellent race car very easy on the tyres and paster and bruno have shown good constant pace in testing so there will be lots of oppertunities for points on race day by efficent use of the tyres and saving sets not used in Q3 or sometimes in Q2 which will pay for itself much as STR did last year.

Re: Mood-Poll
MansellsMoustache (IP Logged)
06 March, 2012 01:55
Cautiously pessimistic.

Despite that, I think Heikki's comments are more to do with last season and also the fact that we're the team nearest to them using a Renault engine not because Caterham are absolutely sure they'll be nipping at our heels. There's plenty of people over at the autosport forums that think Williams will finish behind Caterham - they are plain wrong.

I would say that I must qualify cautiously pessimistic in the sense that I mean we probably won't quite manage to finish higher than 7th, not that I think we'll be stuck where we were in 2011. We all know that the team needs to do better thann that though.


Re: Mood-Poll
K1 (IP Logged)
06 March, 2012 07:16
i have refrained from expressing an opinion up until now but i did vote cautiously pessimistic. why? well i simply have not gleaned enough to make any other prediction.

all the data provided does not give me the 'relativity' i would use to come up with a valid prognosis. we can speculate all we like but we do not know what the 'inside' running amounts to.

the first three races will provide that relativity, then we should be reasonably able to punt on what might be a possible end result.

my observations indicate that the midfield will be 'uber' fast this year by comparison as we have some really good teams and some exciting new drivers who, once they find their feet, may just surprise. williams are under the spotlight but can they give the performance? we'll soon see.

Re: Mood-Poll
06 March, 2012 08:21
At this moment in time I am cautiously optimistic mainly because of the changes to the team lets hope this car is not a dog like last years car I hope after the first few races everything will be ok not brilliant but ok

100% Williams

Re: Mood-Poll
WilliamsF1_boy (IP Logged)
06 March, 2012 09:00
Here is how I see the situation at the moment:

- there is no technology at the moment that we know we will not be able to master (like EBD last year);
- new technical team that seems to work methodically better and not by trial and error like previous years;
- according to most observers this years car is gentle to the tires, the worst issue of last year's car;
- new better engine that is more drivable and probably with more horse power and less fuel consumption.

- the new team needs time to be able to show 100% what they are capable to do;
- the car has problems in slow speed corners. Hopefully this will last only a few races, but if not, we will have a clear performance disadvantage on tracks like Monaco or Hungaroring;
- unexperienced drivers that yet have to convince that have something special;
- no technological advantage that will put us ahead of competition (like DDD was).

Based on the mentioned points and also our driver's and team's comments I am cautiously optimistic. If we develop the car in the right direction without loosing time with updates that don't work, I believe that we will have a clear advantage over the midfield come the middle of the season, based on our better resources.

Re: Mood-Poll
Gwanni (IP Logged)
06 March, 2012 12:22
i think we are anywhere between the 5th and the 8th team...i see force india and sauber could have the edge on us...

Re: Mood-Poll
Francesc (IP Logged)
06 March, 2012 12:36
The more I think about it the more I believe we have been sandbadding...

Re: Mood-Poll
joepr (IP Logged)
06 March, 2012 12:43
Most of the team were sandbagging we will know soon

Re: Mood-Poll
TerraNova19 (IP Logged)
06 March, 2012 13:14
The more I think about it the more I believe we have been sandbadding...

I like yours thoughts!

Re: Mood-Poll
Williams1 (IP Logged)
06 March, 2012 13:25
Very excited about this season, i think we will be 5th/6th best team.

In my opinion Redbull, McLaren and Merc are ahead.

Ferrari dont look better, although who knows they could be sandbagging.

All the experts reckon Force India have a good car so i expect us Ferrari and FI to be fighting for the last 4 places in Q3.

Where does everyone reckon we are compared with FI and Ferrari?

Re: Mood-Poll
Francesc (IP Logged)
06 March, 2012 13:54
My reasoning is the following:

-The ban of the EBD is a big blow to the 4 teams that were fastest last year: Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes.
I have read that the hot blowing was worth no less than 1 second per lap over cold blowing.

-Some midfield teams like Force India, Toro Rosso and to lesser extent Sauber also had benefited from this technology. But not as much as the big teams.

-Lotus were handicapped big time by their blown system, as we were. And look who most people think that have improved the most: Lotus.

-We know that the FW33 was overweight, had a fundamental flaw, didn't have hot blowing, Cosworth engine was thirsty... And despite all of that it wasn't too far off the midfield teams.

-I think this year is a new start for everyone with the blown diffuser ban and the pecking order from last year will be shaken up quite a bit with Lotus, Williams and Sauber moving up over other some teams.

If we take into account that the team has stated they have cured all the flaws from last's year car on the FW34. Gillan also said that the FW34 is a new car under the skin.
The whole field will be closer and if aren't ahead of some in Melbourne we will be on different track like Sepang.

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