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What have I missed in the last 7 days?
ghettonation (IP Logged)
08 March, 2012 10:35
Hello all. I know this isn't facebook and I'm probably going off on a tangent here, but I don't do facebook and this is the only website I post on regularly so I'm telling you all my fellow Williams fans.

Last Thursday morning I was woken up by my Wife at about 4am telling me the Ambulance was here for me. I had no idea what she was talking about but there was a man kneeling next to me asking me what my name was and what was up. My wife was telling him that I had had a fit in my sleep and she'd rung them. I remember being guided out to the ambulance and being strapped into the seat but after that I remember nothing.

From what my wife keeps telling me I had another fit in the ambulance on the way to hospital and another one in casualty and after that I was in a coma for 24hrs. After i woke up the nurses kept coming round every couple of hours shining a torch in my eyes and hooking me up to some IV drip. The doctors have to me I am Epileptic and have put me onto a drug called Epilim 200 which I have to take for the rest of my life (or atleast the foreseeable future). I've got to tell the DVLA and surrender my License for a minimum of 12months.

I was released from hospital a couple of days ago and while I'm glad to be out of there my head still feels a bit fuzzy and have had a couple of episodes of deja vu which are apparently a form of Epilepsy.

As people say life goes on so I'm not going to feel sorry for myself and try and get on with life as best I can.

So as my post asks what have I missed in the F1 world in the last week?

Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
crusty_bread (IP Logged)
08 March, 2012 11:26
Im sorry to hear of your terrible week, ghettonation. My cousin has had epilepsy all his life, but he hasn't had a fit now for 3/4 years, has been free to learn to drive, has passed his test and now started a life for himself, so don't dispair.

but in answer to your question, reading up on the posts will fill you in, but in short:

Marussia and HRT haven't come out to play, but they are expected at Melbourne

RedBull are really fast, but their massive upgrade package which turned heads has not worked as expected.

The last test was very inconclusive. Its tight- Williams are in the mix, appearing to be somewhere between the upper and lower midfield (...)

Oh yes, and I nearly forgot, SFW has stepped down from the board- he will have no say in the running of the team.

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Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
SehnKhan (IP Logged)
08 March, 2012 12:12
Yikes - I take it from this episode that you have no history of seizures or convulsions before?

It's interesting that you mention this - I noticed the other day on my Playstation 3 there is now a new warning regarding the possibility of epileptic seizures as a result of using the product. It's also quite interesting that, having previously dealt with Emergency calls for Ambulance in my job just how common seizures are within the public.

Having no license for a period of 12 months would not be easy though - but medication for the remainder of your life will surely be bearable.

Chin up, sorry to hear about this development for you, but it's not the end of the world by any stretch and can be managed!

Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
Ozzy Osbone (IP Logged)
08 March, 2012 12:23
Sorry you've had to go through that. Hopefully you can get it all stabilised OK. My mum is on similar drugs for the same thing due to a brain op a few years ago and she manages it OK. It's just finding the balance I guess.

Still, on the bright side, K1 has promised to run around the forum naked if Williams don't get a 1-2 in Melbourne.

Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
ghettonation (IP Logged)
08 March, 2012 12:27
Since I've come out of the hospital I've been on a few Epilepsy websites and it is astonishing the amount of people who have it. One site I looked at said that 600,000 people in the UK have it and that 75 people per day are diagnosed with having it. I have noticed that my memory is really screwed up at the moment, that is one of the reasons I wrote everything down in my previous post, just to try and put things in some kind of order. One site I looked at says you should build a mind palace like they do in the new series of Sherlock (My daughter thought that was hilarious). One of the most frustrating things is that my car was being MOT'd the day I was taken to hospital and I've just spent 250 on a car I cant't use anymore.

Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
ghettonation (IP Logged)
08 March, 2012 12:49
Is K1 male or female?

Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
crusty_bread (IP Logged)
08 March, 2012 13:12
Remember when Bob McKenzie lost a bet to Ron Dennis after stating that McLaren would never win a race in 2004? He had to run a lap around Silverstone in 2005...



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Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
mayhemfunkster (IP Logged)
08 March, 2012 13:43
All the best mate. These things happen and we realise we are not machines after all. You've got the right attitude anyway! thumbs down

If you could not remember Williams' 2011 that could be perceived as a bonus! (give me a virtual slap if you consider that to be poor taste - i probably deserve it...)

I have an acquaintence who was similarly affected and she recovered after the aforementioned readjustment period and leads her normal life - ably backed up by a selection of pills of course.

Again, all the best for a speedy readjustment!

mayhemlurker ;-)

Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
Mr. Pink (IP Logged)
08 March, 2012 14:51
Jeez. When I started reading I thought "what an ass..., he wants a shortcut instead of reading the last 1000 posts from last week".
Then I read through and ... well... changed my thoughts [:wor kid:]

Maybe the best summary of the last test is that the best times of all four Barcelona days is 14 people in 0.6s So it is really hard to predict anything.

Anyway, I hope you get better.

Sir Frank: "It's what we do, we love doing it. It's like oxygen, it fixes you".

Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
j-s (IP Logged)
08 March, 2012 17:58
Welcome back Ghettonation! Hope you get better. My best friend's brother suffers from the same symptoms and he's doing fine. Nobody knows he's epileptic except if they were told about the time he got diagnosed after suffering a seizure.

Anyways, you haven't missed much. Nothing substantial or objective at least. Lots of speculation, few facts. The usual F1 news.

Once again, welcome back.

Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
Bond (IP Logged)
08 March, 2012 18:33
Glad to have you back OP!

We would have missed all the Williams fans who aren't @ Melbourne for the start.

It's 0 pts & 0 podiums.

Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
Francesc (IP Logged)
08 March, 2012 18:35
Welcome back mate.

You comeback just in time to see the Williams resurgence!

Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
CLOVERLEAF 888 (IP Logged)
08 March, 2012 19:21
welcome back matey. know what you are going through as i had my own kind of drama when i had a macula edema in both eyes that was causing blindness. 10 months on , i finally returned to driving after extensive treatment.

i havent finished my treatment but things are on the up.

good luck

Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
K1 (IP Logged)
08 March, 2012 21:30
firstly,sorry to hear of your situation but as one who has to take a daily regimen of drugs i know what it means. when things like this happen i use the knowledge positively by reasoning that if i feel bad then imagine what other people with life threatening situations have to go through.

small compensation but there is always someone worse off.just turn the page, new situation, new life.

as for ozzy's statement re my 'nude run' well even if it was correct i wouldn't inflict that visual drama on even my worst enemy. some things need never be revealed!!!!

Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
GroveF1 (IP Logged)
08 March, 2012 21:39
Sorry to hear that Ghettonation. I was diagnosed with that ba%^&rd of Epilepsy when i was 6 - now I am 30 - stuck with it for life i'm afraid! Epilum is one of my drugs - I take THIRTEEN a day - 6 in morning, 7 at night - F^&k*$g hate it!! Still get the auras - even some today.

But as I say to people, there are a lot worse things like cancer. I can't drive now because of it - these dejavu's you talk about are probaly "auras", or petit mal seizures- this is what stops me driving. The big seizures you had first time you may never have again, I haven't, as it is now controlled and dependet on severity of your Epilepsy. But if you don't have any more and still have these auras - be VERY careful about driving again - believe me take it from my experience and knowledge.

PM me if you want to talk.


Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
Beatrix (IP Logged)
09 March, 2012 04:58
So sorry to hear about your troubles too, welcome back. Having had some health issues myself a few years ago I know how great the guys are here and how it is a nice little community! I'm sure we'd all love to help where we can, including verifying K1's promise.

On the reverse of that though, if Williams DO get a 1, 2 in Melbourne, I will happily do the same!

Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
K1 (IP Logged)
09 March, 2012 06:30
hahaha, i will leave you to it B...it will be far more interesting and appropriate if you takeover the mantle ascribed to me by ozzie.

i;m sure all the chaps here would be unanimous in their approval of my suggestion.

Re: What have I missed in the last 7 days?
Gunk (IP Logged)
09 March, 2012 13:30
That must have been chiller diller scary for your wife!

It is strange how some conditions turn up in later life without warning - diabetes is another very common one. Fortunately most conditions can be managed, but I'm sure losing the car is a drag.

Still, you have the season to take your mind off things from next week. Lots of new cars, new faces . . . should be cool.

Stay positive!

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