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Jenson Button
Ozzy Osbone (IP Logged)
18 March, 2012 17:51
There's no Macca board so I'll put this here. I've been a massive fan of JB since I watched him in the lower formulae. It's been a hard road but he's redifining everyone's opinion of him.

I thought his drive today was pure magic. Worthy of his hero, Prost any day. It was just pure class.

Up until today I have always said I would still put my money on Lewis in any given race. Even after last year. I think I finally changed my mind. Is it possible that Jenson has done what Alonso couldn't and got a handle on Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis looked fairly gutted after the race. I'm sure this wasn't part of his plan at all. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Lewis as well but I'm blown away by the driver that JB has become. I reckon ANY team would snap him up now. Far cry from late 2008 when his career appeared to be over and Flav called him a 'concrete bollard'.

Re: Jenson Button
Mikef1 (IP Logged)
18 March, 2012 17:58
Lewis said he was genuinely baffled that Button was so much faster. Since 2009 Button has come a long way and is easily one of the best drivers on the grid.

Re: Jenson Button
ant007uk (IP Logged)
18 March, 2012 18:02
Lewis had a face like a slapped ar5e at the end. Not a fan of Button in any way shape or form, however, he drove peerless today and credit for that.

Be safe, Be happy and NEVER let anyone make you afraid!!!

Re: Jenson Button
WILLIAMS-F1-Fan (IP Logged)
18 March, 2012 19:23
I'm a massive Button fan!
Considering that he's the last link to BAR-Honda lol

Love to see him do well.

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Re: Jenson Button
mayhemfunkster (IP Logged)
18 March, 2012 21:11
An all round awesome job. I am particularly impressed with how he conducts himself nowadays. He has used every bit of experience he has positively.

mayhemlurker ;-)

Re: Jenson Button
Bond (IP Logged)
19 March, 2012 03:12
JB is on his way to a HOF career IMO.

Re: Jenson Button
j-s (IP Logged)
19 March, 2012 17:04
Agree about Button, he's always punching above his weight so to speak. Even though he's a WDC he still doesn't get as much respect as he's due, IMO. He can handle himself beautifully on the track.

Re: Jenson Button
drunkmunky (IP Logged)
19 March, 2012 17:10
Jenson button is a brilliant driver. It's a shame that it has taken him so long to receive notoriety.

Re: Jenson Button
crusty_bread (IP Logged)
19 March, 2012 18:03
For the majority of their time together at McLaren, Hamilton has had the legs on Button. Indeed- he outpaced Button in qualifying in Melbourne too, but increasingly, Button is getting the better of Lewis, and you have to wonder why that is?

It could be that Hamilton doesn't like these Pirelli's, and doesn't have the nous to preserve them whilst maintaining a decent pace early in a race, but for me it seems more than that. Button is getting closer/ahead in qualifying too.

Other dramatic trend-reversals between team-mates include Massa and Raikkonen at Ferrari from 2007 to 2008, which some people put down to a deliberate development direction in favour of Massa.

If any driver knows what they want in a car, it's Button who has a specific driving style. Could it be that he has steered the team in his direction through either having a better idea of what he wants from a car than Lewis, or due to Lewis taking his eye off the ball last year?

Either way, it will be fascinating to see if Lewis has the strength of character to respond.

Re: Jenson Button
pgj (IP Logged)
19 March, 2012 18:54
JB said that he could not match Lewis' pace in qually. Where JB has the edge is that he is a thinking driver. He is able to make his own calls as he drives. Also he is prepared to gamble and admit to a goof if it does not work. Lewis is blindingly fast over a lap or two but how many times have you seen a super sulk when the team make a poor call? Lewis is in a dangerous place mentally atm because Lewis never does any wrong. The team are and easy target for his blame culture when calls do not come off.

I agree that JB is on his way to the HOF.

Williams and proud of it.

Re: Jenson Button
j-s (IP Logged)
19 March, 2012 19:15
Agree about the mentality aspect.

I think that Button is completely at ease right now, he's conducting himself perfectly (which is easy when you win, obviously). In Hamilton I see a sense of urgency and pent up emotion that Button doesn't transmit at all. And every time Button gets the upper hand I feel that Hamilton gets more uptight while Button gets more relaxed. Kind of a vicious cycle for Hamilton.

It's going to be a fascinating battle between those two this year.

Re: Jenson Button
Ozzy Osbone (IP Logged)
19 March, 2012 22:13
It's maybe an age and experience thing. Lewis has spent 90% of his F1 career in a car capable of fighting for the title or at least a top car. So, he's kind of always in the spotlight and has massive expectation on him.

Jenson has had many years in average to good cars and a few dogs like that bloody earth car. I think JB has stared into the abyss and come back as world champ and that has to do something. Last year he plain beat Lewis and I bet you couldn't have got a bet on that in early 2010.

It seems Jenson loves this car and it responds to him. I think the most impressive thing was the way he was able to turn up the wick when required.

Re: Jenson Button
mayhemfunkster (IP Logged)
19 March, 2012 23:14
Jenson is on top form - but it is more to do with Lewis Hamilton IMO.

Lewis' problem is that he can't comprehend that Jenson is beating him - ironically much like Alonso when he met Hamilton!

Lewis has blamed the team, strategy, stewards, tyres, and his inner circle. But the fact is he cannot drive a GP distance as quick as Button. Rather than look inside he is casting around for excuses.

I notice he had his improvised "circle of trust", with Nicole and his mum with him in Melbourne - mind every shot of Scherzinger I saw she had a face like a slapped ar5e too!

It's not just importing people into the race as Jenson said to the BBC. Jenson has his dad and Jessica at the races but it is not by design per se, it is just how it works best for them all. Lewis is still trying too hard in this respect. It is just the thing to blame at the moment.

I am more and more convinced that Lewis is not a smart driver. We know he is not Prost - but he's not Senna either. I think he is more like Alesi - just a McLaren trained and perfectly developed version (like Alesi may have become had he gone to Williams instead of Ferrari).

It is becoming clear that Lewis doesn't know why he is quick. He just drives flat out and relies on the team for nouse - who he then blasts if it all goes wrong.

The "no interviews on the grid" thing is a good example. If you know what makes you quick, then you have nothing to fear. See Button and Vettel in laconic mood in interviews. Alonso is shielded a bit more but when he does give interviews he seems pretty straight forward. Lewis seems to be stumbling around in the dark hoping he is doing what he needs to be quick.

Where it has gone wrong for him is that unlike 2007, Jenson did not come out fighting like Fernando did. The Hamiltons extracted every bit of advantage from Fernando imploding, and Ron's paternal attitude towards Lewis, Spygate et al.

Come 2011, Jenson already had the team on his side when things got tough for Lewis, and Dad wasn't there to screw McLaren over. I also think Whitmarsh saw what happened in 2007 to Ron and won't let it happen on his shift.

I truly think Lewis needs to deflate his ego - and admit to himself that he doesn't know why it is going wrong. Only then can he look around and realise what is required to build himself into the driver he thought he was all along.


Back to Jenson: Jenson had a nightmare career after 2000 and won arguably the luckiest championship in recent years. And he knew how lucky he had been in the run up to Brazil '09. That race day was the day Jenson became a top driver - when he shook off his past and the pressure it was bringing him. He's been on another level ever since.

It seems he does not have the ego to rely on, only getting calmer and more confident with success. If he wins a few early this season I predict his rivals should look out - as with every good result he becomes more decisive and laser-guided in the car.

It's great to watch! - and outside of WF1 I am unashamedly in his corner thumbs down

mayhemlurker ;-)

Re: Jenson Button
Ozzy Osbone (IP Logged)
19 March, 2012 23:24
I agree, 2009 was unreal in terms of his rivals managing to share out the points he missed amongst themselves. Not one of them managed to step up.

And yes, Brazil 2009 was maybe the point where he decided he had to TAKE IT rather than waiting for it to arrive. That was an epic drive in the circumstances. His whole year put on the line so many times.

Lewis, I don't know. I still think he can turn his year around and take the title but he's way up against it now.

Re: Jenson Button
Mikef1 (IP Logged)
20 March, 2012 01:42
I think last year was a big season for him too. 2009 saw him get better, but it was only from Canada 2011 when he started driving sensationally. Maybe I am wrong, but this is my feeling towards it. He is one of the best on the grid right now, with Alonso and Vettel.

Re: Jenson Button
PABLO 27 (IP Logged)
20 March, 2012 03:11
He is just like Prost, almos impossible to see him making a mistake


GO TEAM WILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Jenson Button
crusty_bread (IP Logged)
20 March, 2012 11:43
Superb post, mayhemfunkster thumbs down

Hamilton will have a job on his hands to outscore Button this season for the reasons you mentioned. I like your points about "ego" and Lewis not understanding why he is fast.

You can never rule out Hamilton's ability to pull something incredible out of his proverbial. He pulled out some great wins last year, amongst the crashes and mediocrity, and already, he will be remembered as a superb talent and thrilling racer. But as you say, rather than letting his victories feed his ego and simply put it down to superior talent, he could benefit from divorcing his ego in these moments to trully learn WHY he won, when on so many previous occasions, he didn't.

Re: Jenson Button
K1 (IP Logged)
20 March, 2012 21:44
after watching the post race interviews, i would add that to display such petulance publicly only helps to feed the victor. button has the intelligence to keep his emotions internalised and that is a strength that hamilton simply does not have.

he needs to get on top of that or it will destroy his chances this season. it is only one race however and he may go on to win the next nineteen races. roll on.

Re: Jenson Button
Traditional Jonny (IP Logged)
20 March, 2012 22:00
Hamilton likes his Pirelli's fried and with black pudding. tongue sticking out smiley

Even when Bridgestone were the tyre suppliers with their rock hard tyres Hamilton managed to chew up those too, remember Turkey, China and Q3 at Newburgring in 2007.

Re: Jenson Button
crusty_bread (IP Logged)
20 March, 2012 22:04
when asked why his race didn't work out, he said " I don't know" and I believe him- that is why he looked so down.

Button is a lot older. He has more emotional control, and he has a much better perspective due to spending so many seasons losing. Coming 4th/5th etc is not a disaster to him. Hamilton has not has the background to equip him as well, but you are right, it is a weakness and helps the likes of Button.

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