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F1 Memorabilia - Count Down to the 2015 Season (P.3)
Rosberg (IP Logged)
08 February, 2013 17:03
Hi all
as we are still in the off season, I'd like to share some of my F1 memorabilia collections with you guys. Do you guys collect any F1 related stuffs?

Since this is a Williams supporters forum, I'll start off with Pastor Maldonado's 2012 helmet in 1/2 scale.






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Re: F1 Memorabilia
j-s (IP Logged)
08 February, 2013 17:14
Very nice...

Unfortunately I don't collect much. Only a signed print of SFW given to me by girlfriend. THat's all.

Re: F1 Memorabilia
Rosberg (IP Logged)
08 February, 2013 18:00
I've just finished these 1/20 scale GF brand - F1 figures (http://gf-models.eu/) yesterday - Keke Rosberg / Alain Prost / Niki Lauda - all in their 1985 liveries.

I used this figure to build a Keke Rosberg - this was before it was painted and decal was applied.

this is the head of the Alain Prost figure before being painted.

I used this book for my reference of these drivers' overall colour & sponsorship decal.

Before i put on the paint, i had to spray the figures with a coat of primer. Paint was then applied to Keke's overall and Prost's head.

Cut out the masking tape to use for spraying the yellow colour portion of Keke's helmet.

Now that the yellow colour has been applied. I've put on some liquid mask to Keke's helmet, this time to spray it with the blue colour.

Trying to work out the correct colour tone for the McLaren driver's overall, the one on the left seems TOO orange/bright - so I decided to go with the one on the right.

Keke's helmet has been sprayed with the yellow and blue colour, I'm quite happy with the result of a quite difficult (at least for me). Prost's overall has decal applied, the tone of red overall seems correct to me.

I was toying with the idea of making a Lauda head myself, here is a prototype, the colour of blue is a little scary though. And the white of his shoes doesn't look right to me either - so i had re-painted it later. You can also see decal has been applied to Prost's helmet - it's much more difficult than i had expected due to the contour shape of a helmet and also the decal didn't fit perfectly with this particular helmet.

Decal and visor was added onto Keke's helmet - this figure is now mostly completed.

Prost and the #1 McLaren MP4/2B (Lauda's)

Lauda's helmet is done as well - i nearly failed on this one but somehow it's salvaged. Again the decal was a pain to work on.

view from behind.


I decided to let Lauda wears his helmet instead, here is how it looks with the helmet on.

Sideview of the Keke figure.


I put Keke in there because his Williams is not ready (built) yet, hopefully this will be done in the next few weeks.

I hope you guys like this diorama - I do have plans to add a few more mechanics and tools on this diorama later on.

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Re: F1 Memorabilia
MViper (IP Logged)
08 February, 2013 18:49
Fantastic Rosberg. Just brilliant. Hats off to your skills of painting. I used to make models, but I'm retired model maker and I know how hard is to make realistic models. The hell is in details.

I bow to you smiling smiley

Williams Racing

Re: F1 Memorabilia
Rosberg (IP Logged)
08 February, 2013 20:17

yes a lot of researches had gone into making these 1/20 figures - for example, the direction of shoulder straps on the two McLaren drivers are different. Lauda's overall had "vertical" straps while Prost had "horizontal" straps, so i had to modify these to reflect it. Also, i had to find a figure that is taller than the Prost figure as Lauda is a little taller than Prost in real life. Also, the origianl Lauda figure is a little fatter, so i had to trim his tummy area a little as Lauda has a slim body. etc ...

i tried to make these figures as accurate as possible but due to some (resource / skill) constraints, there're some flaws. Like the Shell decal on the McLaren driver's chest / right arm, it should have been the SAIMA logo instead. But because the decal sheet i bought only came with the Shell logo, so i had to settle with this. Maybe one day when i figure out how to make my own decal, i will replace these with the proper SAIMA decals. I had to use 3 to 4 different decal sheets on the market to make these figures.

i've plans to make a few more figures in the future eg. deAngelis / Piquet / Alboreto / Senna / Mansell / Johansson - all in 1985 liveries.

Re: F1 Memorabilia
crusty_bread (IP Logged)
08 February, 2013 20:52
Fantastic job Rosberg. How did you do the decals? (ie what material/how attached?) I can imagine they were fiddly!

Reminds me of back when I created the whole 1996 F1 grid using basic lego cars, before painting the sponsors onto paper and cellotaping them on the cars by hand (I had no computer back then!) It all went brillantly until I hosted the 1996 Brazillian GP complete with wet track...

you live and learn.

Re: F1 Memorabilia
mayhemfunkster (IP Logged)
08 February, 2013 21:05
Holy @#$%& Rosberg that is really impressive.

Thanks for sharing! thumbs down

mayhemlurker ;-)

Re: F1 Memorabilia
CarlessPetrol (IP Logged)
08 February, 2013 21:10
Fantastic job Rosberg. How did you do the decals? (ie what material/how attached?) I can imagine they were fiddly!
Reminds me of back when I created the whole 1996 F1 grid using basic lego cars, before painting the sponsors onto paper and cellotaping them on the cars by hand (I had no computer back then!) It all went brillantly until I hosted the 1996 Brazillian GP complete with wet track...

you live and learn.

Was it a Williams 1,2?

Really good skills Rosberg. I used to build the models Tamiya sell but I was at best average. I think I still have them all in boxes in the loft (probably need rebuilding). It was a lot of fun. These days I don't seem to be able to find the time.

Re: F1 Memorabilia
Darron (IP Logged)
08 February, 2013 21:14
Thanks for sharing those pics with us Rosberg, some very impressive stuff you have

And the first Smurf F1 driversmiling smiley

I've got a few 1:18 diecasts, a majority Williamses, some Renaults, McLaren's, original Lotuses. I've been toying on getting a Ferrari but might feel dirty if I did. The 1990 one would be one I'd go for

Bit miffed now that most F1 diecast is now 1:43, but guess takes up less room

Crusty's lego F1 cars reminds me when I used to make lego buses, was a bit fiddly matching the colours exactly as buses round here were orange

I got the timetables and cut out the bus logo and stuck them to the sides of the lego bus

When one of my mums friends came round one day, she asked where we got the bus from as she had gone around the toy shops looking for it and couldn't find it

Re: F1 Memorabilia
IndyAndy (IP Logged)
09 February, 2013 05:12
I have a couple 1/43 die-casts, a '07 Williams t-shirt & a Spyker cap - but I don't really think of those as 'memorabilia' per se.

I have a Jordan F1 flag.

The only thing that I own that has even half a chance in hell of having any value someday is a complete Midland F1 Fan Culb membership kit, which contained an informational booklet (including an audio CD), autographed pics of Tiago Montero & Christian Albers, a 2006 wall calendar (full of car pics, of course) & my very own Fan Club membership card (and no; I have no idea just what it was supposed to be good for, if anything!).


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Re: F1 Memorabilia
Darron (IP Logged)
09 February, 2013 05:39
Did anyone sign up to the Williams Club in 2007 and get a gear cog?

I just remembered I had one and had to remember where I had put it to be safe!

Re: F1 Memorabilia
Mr. Pink (IP Logged)
09 February, 2013 09:21
Did anyone sign up to the Williams Club in 2007 and get a gear cog?
I just remembered I had one and had to remember where I had put it to be safe!

Sure did, still have it on the shelf. Actually that is the only memorabilia I have.

Sir Frank: "It's what we do, we love doing it. It's like oxygen, it fixes you".

Re: F1 Memorabilia
Vancha (IP Logged)
09 February, 2013 10:32
Great job Rosberg! Congratulations! ( :

I have just a few hats, autographs & media stuff.


Re: F1 Memorabilia
09 February, 2013 17:42
Great job on the models, dont you have an 85 Williams to stand Keke next to, or is he weighing the macca up for 86 grinning smiley

Re: F1 Memorabilia
rpaloschi (IP Logged)
10 February, 2013 02:30
Congratulations, Rosberg!

Impressive work, amazing details! Thanks for sharing.

Re: F1 Memorabilia
raiden (IP Logged)
11 February, 2013 16:45
Amazing work Rosberg!

I only have a keyring of At&t Williams, an autograph of Nico H. from my ex, and a Ralph's cap back in BMW days.



Re: F1 Memorabilia
PABLO 27 (IP Logged)
11 February, 2013 23:02
AMAZING!!!!!...I have a lot of stuff... cars, shirts, books...but I'm lazy to upload everything


GO TEAM WILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: F1 Memorabilia
Vancha (IP Logged)
11 February, 2013 23:15
It's nice to see ya PABLO 27! ( :

Re: F1 Memorabilia
CLOVERLEAF 888 (IP Logged)
12 February, 2013 12:05
rosberg. hats off to you mate. What you have created is simply stunning.

its incredible. me i dont have the patience and would try and make prost in 5 mins. lol... so i certainly admire the excellance of what you have created

Re: F1 Memorabilia
Rosberg (IP Logged)
12 February, 2013 14:02
thank you all for your comments, it gives me the encouragement for future "projects" and it's good to find people who'd appreciate this.

here are a few photos of the Jaguar F1 transporter in 1/43rd scale - it's one of the hardest transporters to find.




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