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Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
juras 28 February, 2019 19:47
smileys with beer
Today we ran the fourth test day ... the other seventh.
The whole team visibly works hard.
In a difficult time when we were not ready to run the test ... the team was holding it ... there was no dirt.
During the four test days we did not produce a single red flag ... and there was no mechanical problem.
Everyday we are improving ...
Both drivers are excellent ... Kubica with her health handicap ... Russell as a complete newcomer in F1 (what difference does the Lance Stroll).
My belief is that we are the last, but the distance will definitely not be 2 seconds ... and I believe we have a development program ahead of us that will move us into the midfield fight.
Last year FW 41 was a bad base, FW 42 was the opposite. Last year, we did not move a step forward this year ... this will be much better this year.
Keep your thumbs ... go Williams.

I'm overwhelmed by the number of posts here ...

Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
longer 28 February, 2019 20:16
If we are ~1.17.500 tmr it will be an excelent progress and a very good base for the season (but maybe not for the opening). Fighting for 7-9 place is the goal, but a lot of people is not reasonable with their expectations here ...

Reliability and drivers relations will be crucial as well as I expect at least one driver from Racing Point, Haas, Torro Roso and ...Ferrari to not finish races

Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
CLOVERLEAF 888 28 February, 2019 20:19
Agreed. Our driver lineup gives me more confidence that we can improve. I think their feedback will be much stronger than last and help the team move forward. Last year I felt Sirotkin was the only one who was giving good feedback and stroll was already distracted by his Dad seeing where the land lied with Force India and a decision and plan was already in place if the Fw41 was a dud. It always felt that stroll was just turning up and driving and not much more.

Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
Mehryar 28 February, 2019 20:29
Yes, there's still hope that we can make bigger jumps in next few days in compare to our rivals (considering we are late in our plans) and hopefully catch some of them when we hit the track in Melbourne.
Then it's all about development race.

Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
ihme 28 February, 2019 20:40
Russell: “I’d be lying if I said we were not the slowest at the moment”


Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
Gwanni 28 February, 2019 20:49
There you go we are the slowest team at the moment. Article shared by Ihme

Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
Mikef1 28 February, 2019 20:55
Yeah not a surprise to anyone on this forum sadly. His attitude is fantastic. Can't wait for Kubicas more blunt analysis of the situation tomorrow.

Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
Francesc 28 February, 2019 21:14
But are we slowest due to the lack of running or simply because the car is not good enough? I mean, this car is a big departure from last season dud in some areas, and that takes time to get grips with. Whereas pretty much all the rest of the grid except Renault are evolutions of last year. Let's see where we're by the Spanish gp.

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Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
ihme 28 February, 2019 21:19
It's important that we are able now to concentrate purely on adding the performance instead of walking in circles hoping we will find the solutions for tricky issues with the car.

Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
j-s 28 February, 2019 21:48
It's important that we are able now to concentrate purely on adding the performance instead of walking in circles hoping we will find the solutions for tricky issues with the car.

I hope you're right... although I wonder whether "adding performance" applies to a car that is allegedly as much as 2 or 3 seconds off the pace!

I agree completely about the "walking in circles" part. If williams lose the scent this year I'll be very disappointed.

Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
shriekback 28 February, 2019 22:08
Being 9 hours behind Spain and having a job, I missed much of yesterday's testing as it occurred. Taking in the results--including statements by Paddy, George and independent observers track-side-- without having undergone much of the drama of its unfolding, here is where it seems Williams is at presently:

Although built in haste and late in arrival, the FW42 is reliable. With only one day of testing left, it hasn't suffered an on-track breakdown or even a significant delay due to failures or faults.

Although much improved over the FW41, all the other cars are significantly improved as well, so a meaningful gap in pace between them and Williams remains.

The basic behavior of the car--unlike that of the FW41--is pretty consistent and predictable, such that the drivers are able to reliably anticipate what it can and will do. That is, it isn't throwing lots of surprises at them going into corners. So, while it may presently lack really competitive pace, it is a car that seems to invite further development and in which the drivers can comfortably press so as to extract more fully whatever speed it does have.

I think that is really what the team was aiming at (save for the greater gains by other teams) and that we should be satisfied with it as well.

What it means is that we again have a team we can root for. Not that we all didn't wish Williams well throughout last season, but Lance's "what's the point?" comment at Monaco could well have summed up our view going into each race. The car was slow, yes. More important, however, was the apparent fact that little could be done with it to change that.

In many years of being a sports fan (I'm 52), 40 of them as a passionate Williams supporter, I have found that possibility is as crucial to my having a good experience as is ultimate quality, probably more so. I can fully enjoy supporting a less than championship quality athlete or team so long as there is a real possibility for a better result in the offing. The most fun in sports really is not being good, or even best, it is getting better.

Last year, Williams really couldn't race. Lance asked "what is the point?" not because there was no real possibility of winning the race, but because there was no real possibility of even competing. At best, Williams could merely participate and only finished above others when the latter failed. Sure, the car could go around the track faster than all but nine other cars produced in the world (by any non-relative measure, an incredible car), but those nine other cars were the whole of their opposition and they couldn't really compete with any of them.

This year, if all signs so far are accurate, although Williams may well be at the rear of the field at the start of the season, and may even still be there at the end (some team has to be, after all), it should again be able to compete. If it can, then, once again, each race will mark an opportunity for us to root for them to succeed (to better some number of competitors), and, if and when they do, to then root for still further success. That's what being a fan is. If it were about delighting only in ultimate success, then one shouldn't pick a team to root for, but should instead wait to see who's successful each year and try to share in that success. We all know that doesn't work, that such sharing would be shallow and unrewarding, but we often forget why that is.

Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
ihme 28 February, 2019 22:19
#F1 2nd week of pre-season testing so far (3 days cumulative) 📊 - best times, tyres used, number of laps: 20 drivers, #Ferari @Charles_Leclerc fastest, @LewisHamilton with most laps

Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
Gunk 01 March, 2019 00:39
. . . maybe our competition has made an even bigger step ahead.

It's always changing . . . particularly on the engine front. The Ferrari powered guys got a massive leg up last mid season when Ferrari found all those horses in the battery. Now Honda are getting to the front.

We had a charmed life in the Symonds era.

Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
SydneyF1Fan 01 March, 2019 01:52
Out of interest, can Williams make up their missed test days later in the season, or do they forfeit the days booked last week?
Could be beneficial for second half of the season to develop some new pieces on the car and go through a longer testing period mid-season once they've understood and unlocked the car's potential.

Clutching at straws, I know, but interested to know the answer.

Syd, now that is clutching at straws,...I don't know for sure but as a guess I would say those days Williams missed in testing are now gone for good,... They will not be allowed to do any extra testing than any other team later in the season,...Unfortunately,...

Sounds a bit rough, if that's the case.

I can understand that there may not be much time for extra tests in the season plus it may be expensive to book the track by yourself, but you'd think they would have an allocation of days for testing that they could use later in the season.

Anyone else know?

Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
shriekback 01 March, 2019 03:50
My understanding, which was confirmed specifically I think in one of the video reports on the testing session by Autosport this week, is that the FIA provides for limited testing sessions--i.e. specific test dates at officially chosen sites--not a number of days that can be scheduled and located according to the discretion of individual teams.

So, to be plain, no, Williams cannot "make up" for the days of testing they missed last week by staging others for themselves at some later date.

I don't see how that is either unfair or harsh. Williams, like every other team, could (and should) have had their car ready to go last Tuesday morning. Limiting testing to defined dates and places is perfectly fair, not only in equalizing opportunity but in keeping down costs. In the old days, the wealthy teams tested constantly--because they could afford to do so--giving them a massive advantage.

Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
j-s 01 March, 2019 03:50
Testing days are set, AFAIK. They are perishable; you miss one and you don't get it back. Makes sense, otherwise teams would pick the time that suits them (weather, location, dates).

It wouldn't be efficient at all, as you point out, if you consider what a circuit charges for a day with full FIA-compliant marshals, medical staff and all that stuff. Obviously the FIA or Liberty wouldn't foot the bill for individual teams to run alone in a circuit.

And testing in a vacuum, without seeing the other teams and their times, kind of defeats the purpose I guess.

So missed days are irrecoverable. Being late to the party is a big deal.

Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
Bond 01 March, 2019 03:53
Only dumpster fire @ williams are the negative nancies on this board.

What's the problem?



Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
Bond 01 March, 2019 03:59
so are we saying 18.1 is our limit currently?
Yes ...for the 3rd day of testing - not the 7th.
Charts above gives us a good indication of where we are...

When Pat Symons was in charge if I remember rightly we only turned the engine mode up once or twice during testing there wasn't much criticism then why now we are 2 days behind and it's only testing

wanna see something tragic? Pick any1 from the usual 'mouthy' suspects & click back through this thread & see how those poster's emotions ebb & flow based on barely any information to go on.
Logic & reason goes out the window & bi-polarism sets in!
you see a lot of u-turns too. Fun profiling of who you can trust around here in tough times. LOL!

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Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
Polemik 01 March, 2019 04:21
"It's always the question of how best to use the limited time in the test drives. All points can not be checked off. In our situation, above all, we had to collect measurement data to check whether our development tools work in the factory. These basic experiments can not be done during Friday training at a Grand Prix."
(source: AMUS)

=so, it΄s officially confirmed. We verify the correlation between the tools in the factory and the reality on the track.

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Re: 2nd Test. 2019.
shriekback 01 March, 2019 05:11
Only dumpster fire @ williams are the negative nancies on this board.
What's the problem?



While I think this provides a needed correction to the gloomy histrionics too much in evidence on this board, it is a bit misleading too. According to Paddy, although today was only the third really proper day of testing for Williams, they are working on an accelerated schedule that should see the team ultimately doing the same number of laps by the end of the testing tomorrow that they would have logged if they had started testing on time. So I do not think it is quite fair to compare times from day 7 with those of day 3. The rest of the teams knew that they had five days left of testing where Williams knew it had but one.

Also, there is just no getting around George Russell's admission that the car is presently the slowest of the field. I don't think he would say that if he didn't believe it and he would know as well or better than anyone else. Perhaps something will be done overnight and Robert will take the wheel of a vastly transformed car in the morning, but I think the odds of that are very long.

All that said, the FW42 is indeed far from a dumpster fire and everyone here should stop acting as though it isn't. It may well prove to be a good car yet, or a foundation for good or even championship-winning cars in years to come. All of the team's efforts have been put into laying a new foundation for future success. We've got a new and first-rate pair of drivers, a devoted new title sponsor who is also preaching patience, and a car that is much improved over last year's. Let us, at least, as loyal supporters, give the team some time to see if they have succeeded. I say, aside from the delayed arrival at testing, so far so good.

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