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By sessions
January 26 2012

If you are an F1 fan it’s that time of the year when all the hoopla begins with the introduction of the next seasons cars.

Once again, the new liveries of F1 cars will present themselves for our approval or otherwise. This event is most likely already stirring some excitement for many of us. Every season there are pleasant surprises and some let downs. We all have our favourite colours and some we don’t care for as much. F1 manages to combine some masterpieces of colour and in my opinion some rather dreadful combinations.

Over the past few seasons the McLarens in gleaming silvers and red highlights put them high on the list of competitors.

Red Bull using their energy drink bull and their can colour application also presents a formidable visual package. Not to mention Newey’s design work.

Ferrari is Ferrari. Do they have any other choice but to use the best red on the planet ?  It must be said I personally don’t miss the white bar code. If a team uses a predominantly all red motive it’s a delicate compromise of how much, and where the placement of the accent colours will appear, be it white or the company yellow they seldom miss the mark.

Mercedes is new in the fold but they too hardly had a choice other than to go with a variance of silvers. The choice of the changing greens (emerald to almost turquoise) has an interesting and eye pleasing effect in my opinion.

Renault opting to go back to the Black and Gold of a past era in F1 was racy move and seems to inspire lots of fan approval.

Williams always maintains its tradition and classical appearance with its combination of blues and darker blues brought forward with a minimal contrast of white.

Force India has chosen the country flag colours in an interesting configuration of design work. Will we see any changes in 2012 ?

Sauber has been historically rather changeable, most likely adhering to varying sponsors. Peter, I would imagine,  left to his own tastes would follow the same conservative route as Frank Williams; but who’s to say for sure.

Toro Rosso makes minor waves and kind of over follows its A-team. Maybe Dietrich Mateschitz should introduce another energy drink.

The remaining new teams are yet to feel like a fixture in F1, but the familiar Lotus green and stark yellow of Caterham’s also recaptures the past era along with the Renault move.

Will we see any whole new approaches in 2012 ?  It’s somehow doubtful.

In closing the blending of advertising must be mentioned. I personally would love to only see pure car design, but far be it from F1 to miss the money-maker side of the sport. That said, the team art designers seem squeeze the brand names in rather skillfully.

Enclosed is a link http://www.f1colours.com/top-25-liveries/ showing the choice of the top 25 liveries of past years. What are your opinions? 

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