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By Craig Hinton
November 14 2016

Okay this is the last site update, so bye bye folks.... More >

Message board shutdown

Only two more races to go guys and then this message board will be shut down for good.... More >

2016 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix

Red Bull have locked out the second row ahead of Ferrari for this race so things are looking good.... More >

Thanks guys but I'm out

Thanks guys but I'm out.... More >

Belgian GP

Finally time to get back racing after the summer holidays,...Lets Go!... More >

Hungarian GP

 Here we go it is time for the Hungarian GP, this should be a very good track for Red Bull, so maybe a win or a podium.... More >

Austrian GP

Time for the Austrian GP this is Red Bulls home track but the word is that it may not suit the RB12 lets wait and see, anyway I am hoping for some good points maybe a 5th &... More >

Canadian GP

Time for the Canadian GP can Ricciardo repeat what he did in 2014 and win the Canadian GP for a second time or will Mercedes be too strong?... More >

2016 Monaco GP Preview

Its time for the 2016 Monaco GP I'm really looking forward to this one, Come on Red Bull lets get on the podium.... More >

Red Bull Max

In the often cruel and cut throat blink and you’ll miss it world of F1 another seemingly heartless decision has been handed down from the Red Bull Racing power mongers.... More >