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Smedley set to broaden role at Williams

By Andrew Hooper
January 26 2017

 Smedley set to broaden role at Williams

With the commencement of testing for the 2017 Formula One season drawing closer the Williams Martini team has yet to announce their replacement for Pat Symonds who left the team last month but they have outlined changes amongst existing staff.

One in particular involves Williams' performance chief Rob Smedley. The team has outlined how his role will change in 2017 with his role moving into medium-to-long term development.

In 2016 Smedley was responsible for performance at races but in recent interviews he has spoken of the necessity for the team to look at the medium to long term if they wanted to improve.

In an interview for Autosport.com Smedley spoke of his changing role. He said: "I'll still straddle between design and aero.

"But I will not only look after at the short term - making sure the car runs and maximises its potential at the track and that we have a slick operation in terms of what we're doing with the racing team.

"I'll start to look at the more medium-to-long term development. It's important that we start to concentrate a bit harder on that, in order that we're making steps into higher performance fields and not always trying to work at the same level . That will be a key part of what I'm doing."

As for his part in the technical side of the Williams outfit, especially in light of the rumoured return of Paddy Lowe Smedley added: "It's not entirely defined.

"That's not because we're disorganised but because we're trying to see how best the structure is going to fall out and where best to use everyone's talents.

"It will become clear, especially when the new car comes out, as a lot will depend where the biggest need is. I work for Williams, I'm passionate about this team, as I have been since I was a kid.

"I'm happy to be part of the ongoing rejuvenation of Williams and I want to see it through in whatever role that is in."

ďItís important for me to see it through to the end. Iíve made a commitment to the team.

ďIt was a lean year [in 2016], but people who donít show resolve and walk away during the lean times for a more comfortable warmer environment to be in are perhaps not the people Williams want to employ anyway.Ē


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