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Williams team disappointed with results so far

By Andrew Hooper
August 23 2017

 Williams team disappointed with results so far

With the Williams Martini team preparing for the 2017 Belgian Grand Prix Williams technical chief Paddy Lowe has spoken of how the team has come away from the first half of the season feeling "very disappointed" with its results.

After a successful 2016 the Williams team went into 2017 with the aim of improving or at least maintaining their position in the constructors championship. The y are currently fifth in the championship but the Williams team has failed in their push to move ahead of their 2016 rivals, the Force India team.

So far in 2017 the Williams team has dropped behind the Force India team by sixty points and is only just ahead of the Torro Rosso team by two points. The only notable moment so far in the 2017 season was Lance Stroll's podium in Azerbaijan. Apart from this the team has only seen finishes where they have collected only small points finishes.

Lowe, who joined Williams from Mercedes earlier this year, lamented the team not maximising its potential and "significantly underperforming" at certain tracks.

When asked about the Williams teams season so far Lowe said: "Definitely at the half-term report stage we're not looking as good as we'd like."

"We're very disappointed, the car is quicker than that points table would reflect.

"I think one of our biggest problems has been that we haven't been scoring the points we should have done at the track with our speed of car that's for a number of different reasons.

"On top of that, we've seen a lot of variation from circuit to circuit.

"There are places that we significantly underperform and we really need to have a car that will perform more equally at different destinations, so that's a big focus for next year."

As to whether the Williams team was able to understand why their season has been so mixed in terms of results Lowe added: "Some of those things we understand, some of them we don't.

"There's a lot of work to do, but we're very much hoping that we can have a better second half of the season and put some of that right."

As for how much development will be pushed ahead with the FW40 Lowe spoke of how the team will not be completely abandon such development. Lowe added: "It's always a bit of a merge, really. You gradually put more and more focus onto the following year."

"You may reach a point where you say you're not going to invest the effort in those within the current season," Lowe added. "It's a case by case basis rather than having some sort of overall black and white decision."


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