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Italian GP: Race sees double points for Williams Martini

By Andrew Hooper
September 3 2017

The 2017 Italian GP would see the Williams Martini team come away with double points scoring finish with Lance Stroll finishing in 7th and team-mate Felipe Massa 8th. It was a race that would see neither driver outside the top ten but given their dry weather pace in the practice sessions the result for the Williams team was probably the best they could hope for but the result will see them extend their lead over Torro Rosso. Overall a far better weekend that the races prior to this.

 Italian Grand Prix Race Review

After qualifying and various driver penalties Williams Martini drivers Lance Stroll and Felipe Massa would start the fifty three lap race from second and seventh respectively. On pole was Hamilton with Ocon third followed by Bottas, Raikkonen and Vettel sixth. Behind Felipe would come Kvyat, Magnussen and Perez in tenth. The Sauber's were now eleventh and twelfth while the Red Bull drivers of Verstappen and Ricciardo were thirteenth and sixteenth. With qualifying run under wet conditions and the race under dry the teams were allowed to choose which dry weather tyre to start the race on. Everyone except Verstappen, Ricciardo, Palmer, and Alonso were all on new super soft tyres, including both Williams. The rest were on the soft tyre for the start of the race.

The grid would complete its normal parade lap and with Hamilton on pole the grid would form and the lights would then go out and it would be Hamilton leading with Ocon moving into second. Raikkonen would pass Bottas at the first corner for fourth. Lance was running in third while Felipe was in seventh. Bottas would pass Raikkonen at the Parabolica as they complete lap one. Verstappen was now in eighth while Bottas would pass Lance for third. Verstappen would try to pass Felipe but contact would be made seeing Verstappen suffer a puncture and damage to his car.


Vettel and Raikkonen were now running fifth and sixth while Bottas would pass Ocon for second going into the first chicane. Ocon was now third followed by lance and Vettel. Lap five and Verstappen would pit getting the necessary repairs done before coming back out. The incident between Felipe and Verstappen was now under investigation. Vettel would get past Stroll for fourth while it was shown that Felipe would make contact with Perez damaging the Williams front wing. The two Williams cars were now running fifth and seventh with Lance now 8.1 seconds behind the leader. Raikkonen would go off at the first chicane at the start of lap seven. Felipe was now right behind the Ferrari while Vettel would pass Ocon at Turn one. Ricciardo was now in ninth behind Perez.

lance was now 0.8 behind Ocon and looking for fourth as it was announced that no action would be taken in the Verstappen and Massa incident. Hulkenberg would pit from fifteenth coming out in eighteenth now on the soft tyre. Bottas was now 3.0 seconds behind Hamilton with twelve laps completed. Magnussen was running in tenth but he would pit on lap thirteen changing to the soft tyre. Lance continued to run close behind Ocon with Raikkonen a distance behind the Williams. Vandoorne had closed in onto ten placed Kvyat. Felipe was now 2.6 seconds behind Raikkonen. Hamilton and Bottas were now well ahead of Vettel. Raikkonen would pit on lap seventeen leaving Lance to run in fifth and Felipe would move up to sixth.


Raikkonen would drop to eleventh having changed to the soft tyre and been slightly delayed in his stop. Ocon would pit on lap eighteen coming out in tenth also taking on the soft tyre. Ricciardo would pass Perez at the second chicane for sixth to be 2.4 seconds behind Felipe. Lance would pit on lap nineteen but it was a slow pit stop with an issue with the left rear seeing Lance coming back out in eleventh and behind Raikkonen with Lance now on the soft tyre. Felipe was now in fourth with Ricciardo closing in onto the Williams. Lap twenty and Hamilton was leading by 4.5 seconds over Bottas then Vettel. Ocon would try to get past Vandoorne which he would fo with Raikkonen also coming past. Lance would be stuck behind the McLaren. Felipe would pit on lap twenty three taking on the soft tyre coming back out in tenth. Lance was now eighth having gotten past Vandoorne.

Raikkonen was again looking to pass Ocon with Ocon in sixth. The top five Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel, Ricciardo and Perez have all yet to stop. Felipe would pass Vandoorne at Turn one moving up to ninth. Lance was one place ahead in eighth 1.6 seconds behind Raikkonen. Felipe was now 3.6 seconds behind his team-mate while Raikkonen would pass Ocon going into the first corner. But Ocon would try to get back at the second chicane but was not able to do so. Lance was now right behind Ocon looking to move up to seventh. Felipe was slowing closing the gap to Lance with twenty eight laps completed. Lap thirty and the order was Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel, Ricciardo, Perez, Raikkonen, Ocon, Lance, Felipe, and Vandoorne in tenth.


Lance was slightly quicker than Ocon but could not get past. Lap thirty three and Alonso would pit from eleventh dropping to fifteenth. Vettel would also pit changing to the soft tyre coming out in fourth and behind Ricciardo. Hamilton would pit the next lap coming back out in second behind his team-mate. Felipe was now 1.8 seconds behind Lance as Perez pitted on lap thirty four returning in ninth. This would see Lance and Felipe seventh and eighth. Bottas would also pit taking on the soft tyre now running in second. Ricciardo was still third but yet to pit. Lance was still looking to get past Ocon for sixth as Vandoorne pitted to retire. Ricciardo would pit on lap thirty nine taking on the super soft tyre. and in fifth ahead of Ocon.

The order was Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel, Raikkonen, Ricciardo, Ocon, Lance, Felipe, Perez and Magnussen tenth. Both of the Williams cars were right behind Ocon but on lap forty one Lance would suffer a major lockup dropping back from Ocon. Ricciardo was now right behind Raikkonen and would get past going into Turn one. Lance would drop back from Ocon with Felipe right behind his team-mate. Prez was still in ninth 4.9 behind Felipe after lap forty six. Verstappen would pass Magnussen for tenth but Verstappen would push the Hass driver wide. The race would wind down with Felipe running right behind his team-mate. Hamilton would start his final lap and would take victory in the 2017 Italian Grand Prix. Bottas was second from Vettel, Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Ocon, Lance, Felipe, Perez, and Verstappen tenth. The last lap would see Lance and Felipe running very close together but they would complete their final lap staying in their positions and keeping Perez behind.

Given the dry weather pace the result for the Williams Martini team was probably the best they could hope for but they did come away with a double points scoring finish to extend their lead over Torro Rosso. Overall a far better weekend that the races prior to this.


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