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2018 Williams to be more aggressive
By Andrew Hooper
January 6 2018

With the start of the 2018 Formula One season only a few months away discussions are moving to the 2018 cars. In particular comments have come from ex Williams driver Felipe Massa in regard to the 2018 Williams car. Felipe has spoken as to the car been more aggressive and looks a lot different than the 2017 Williams. On the driver front reports still have Russian Sergey Sirotkin in the 2018 Williams.
 2018 Williams to be more aggressive
2018 Williams more aggressive

With a most of the focus been on who will be the second 2018 driver for the Williams Martini team there has been very little discussion in regard to the 2018 Williams. That is until now with ex Williams drivers Felipe Massa publicly taking about what he had seen of the car while with the team. Felipe spoke of how the 2018 challenger is far "more aggressive" than the 2017 model.

After a disappointing 2017 season where Williams dropped to fifth in the championship even Paddy Lowe spoke of the need for the team to change their design philosophy in regard to the 2018 car. And with it been the first year where Lowe's influence will be seen Felipe said that the changes on the car were quite significant.

In an interview with Autosport.com Felipe said: "I saw the new car in the windtunnel and I saw so many changes that it looks quite interesting.

"Everybody is working. Maybe you get to the first race and everybody has so many different changes and everything in the car.

"The car looks a lot more aggressive. It looks a lot more different so I believe maybe they can improve."

Felipe also spoke of how the 2018 season will see Williams not only in a fight with their usual rivals Force India but with the likes of Renault and McLaren..

"You will have Renault that will improve," he added. "You will also have McLaren so we need to see how much it can be, this improvement.

"I need to see also what the drivers can do but I believe maybe the team can have a better car compared to what we had until now."

Comments from Paddy Lowe were also included in regard to the building and testing of the new 2018 car. He spoke of how busy things are as the team gets the new car ready.

"People are very busy with the car," said Lowe. "There's lots of work to do and some things are a bit late unfortunately.

"So people are going to have to really work very hard in the next two months.
"But there is some good work going on and we hope to make a big improvement compared to the 2017 car."

On the driver front reports still have Russian Sergey Sirotkin joining the Williams team in 2018.