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Pirelli May 2018 Barcelona Test Review

By Courtesy of Pirelli
May 17 2018

 Pirelli May 2018 Barcelona Test Review
Pirelli Tyres

Mario Isola, Head of Car Racing – “The first in-season test of the year provided a valuable opportunity for teams to try out tyres, car evolutions, and drivers in a back-to-back context on the same circuit that the Spanish Grand Prix had just taken place on, in broadly similar conditions. This provided the chance to make some interesting direct comparisons. An in-depth comparison was also made between the shallower tread specification tyre used in the Spanish Grand Prix with the ‘standard’ tyre, underlining our view that the choice for the race was the correct one. We now have plenty of useful data to analyse for the future.

At the same time, we also continued our 2019 tyre development programme during the test, together with McLaren and Force India on both days. This allowed us to make progress in several areas as we prepare the product for next year, with two full days of running. There was a high level of reliability, with practically no red flags, which meant that the teams all managed to collect plenty of data in representative conditions – unlike our previous trip to Barcelona for testing, where we even saw some snow...

The fastest time in this test was set by Valtteri Bottas on the supersoft, but the hypersoft was also tested: which will make its competition debut shortly at the Monaco Grand Prix”.


OVERALL – May 15-16
Bottas 		Mercedes    1m16.904s (Day 2) SUPERSOFT
Giovinazzi 	Ferrari     1m16.972s (Day 2) HYPERSOFT
Verstappen 	Red Bull    1m17.528s (Day 1) HYPERSOFT
Sainz 		Renault     1m17.562s (Day 1) HYPERSOFT
Vettel 		Ferrari     1m17.659s (Day 1) SOFT
Norris 		McLaren     1m18.039s (Day 2) SOFT
Magnussen 	Haas 	    1m18.274s (Day 2) HYPERSOFT
Mazepin 	Force India 1m18.344s (Day 2) HYPERSOFT
Grosjean 	Haas 	    1m18.449s (Day 1) HYPERSOFT
Latifi 		Force India 1m18.530s (Day 1) HYPERSOFT
Hamilton 	Mercedes    1m18.543s (Day 1) MEDIUM
Aitken 		Renault     1m18.942s (Day 2) MEDIUM
Vandoorne 	McLaren     1m18.981s (Day 1) SUPERSOFT
Leclerc 	Sauber      1m18.993s (Day 2) HYPERSOFT
Kubica 		Williams    1m19.253s (Day 2) HYPERSOFT
Gasly 		Toro Rosso  1m19.410s (Day 2) MEDIUM
Giovinazzi 	Sauber      1m19.693s (Day 1) HYPERSOFT
Rowland 	Williams    1m20.009s (Day 1) HYPERSOFT
Dennis 		Red Bull    1m20.440s (Day 2) MEDIUM
Gelael 		Toro Rosso  1m20.763s (Day 2) SOFT

DAY 1 – May, 15
Verstappen 	Red Bull    1m17.528s HYPERSOFT
Sainz 		Renault     1m17.562s HYPERSOFT
Vettel 		Ferrari     1m17.659s SOFT
Grosjean 	Haas        1m18.449s HYPERSOFT
Latifi 		Force India 1m18.530s HYPERSOFT
Hamilton 	Mercedes    1m18.543s MEDIUM
Vandoorne 	McLaren     1m18.981s SUPERSOFT
Giovinazzi 	Sauber      1m19.693s HYPERSOFT
Rowland 	Williams    1m20.009s HYPERSOFT
Gelael 		Toro Rosso  1m21.935s SOFT

DAY 2 – May, 16
Bottas 		Mercedes    1m16.904s SUPERSOFT
Giovinazzi 	Ferrari     1m16.972s HYPERSOFT
Norris 		McLaren     1m18.039s SOFT
Magnussen 	Haas        1m18.274s HYPERSOFT
Mazepin 	Force India 1m18.344s HYPERSOFT
Aitken 		Renault     1m18.942s MEDIUM
Leclerc 	Sauber      1m18.993s HYPERSOFT
Kubica 		Williams    1m19.253s HYPERSOFT
Gasly 		Toro Rosso  1m19.410s MEDIUM
Dennis 		Red Bull    1m20.440s MEDIUM
Gelael 		Toro Rosso  1m20.763s SOFT

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