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Biggest challenge for Lowe

By Andrew Hooper
July 18 2018

 Biggest challenge for Lowe

The opening ten races of the 2018 Formula One season have produced little in terms of results for the Williams Martini team with the team only scoring four points and are currently last in the championship. After every race Williams technical chief Paddy Lowe would have to again explain the poor performance of the team as they struggle to turn their season around.

After leaving the successful Mercedes team Lowe and moving to what was a relatively competitive Williams team the 2018 season has turned out to be one of his biggest challenges as he strives to achieve a return the team to a competitive one. His main area of focus has turned out to the a difficult FW41 which has failed to deliver on its pre-season promise.

The team is finding the process of developing solutions to the aerodynamic problems a difficult one and it is Lowe who has to guide the team through this difficult process, made even more difficult as it is done in the gaze of the public and media.

In a recent interview with Autosport.com Lowe was asked if the challenge facing him and the team was the most significant he had faced and he answered by saying: "In many aspects yes.

"There have been some other challenges I faced on different occasions, but this is a new challenge for me anyway.

"I've been fortunate in my career not to work in a team that wasn't within reach of the front, performance-wise. That is where we were always playing, in the top 10 and towards the front of the top 10 or at the very front end.

"It is a new experience for me to work in a team which has a lot of work to do to get back to where we want to be.

"So that creates some new challenges for me personally, and I am learning all the time. Some things you get right, some things, if I had my last year again, I would do differently. But that is the nature of life.

"You face challenges and you learn from them and hope that builds your experience to do a better job next time."

As for how far the team can improve Lowe added: "The more we get into understanding where we are, and why, and what is not working, the more positive that makes me feel about the progress we can make," he said.

"We've got a great team, you know. There are some great creative people back at Grove.

"And I think if we can work in the right direction, which we are now turning round to do, we can make some really good progress."

As for how far the team will try to solve the issues of the 2018 FW41 before been forced by time and resource constraints to move to the development of the 2019 car Lowe said: "As we get to this point of the year, which is common with all teams, the focus goes very much more on the current car towards pieces and developments which are also relevant into next year."

"We are definitely moving into that mode now with this car, which should be common with the other teams.

"Although the rules are changing for next year quite significantly, there are still many aspects of the car for which the development and the learning on this car will still carry across."


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