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British Superbike entry list for 1996

By Dan Moakes
February 28 2005

1996 British Superbike leading entries:

no. rider entrant bike
1 Steve Hislop SCO* Nemesis Kawasaki Kawasaki ZX7RR
2 Matt Llewellyn ENG** Nemesis Kawasaki Kawasaki ZX7RR
1 Steve Hislop SCO* Revé Red Bull Kawasaki Kawasaki ZXR750
2 Matt Llewellyn ENG** Old Spice Ducati Racing Ducati 955
7 Terry Rymer ENG Old Spice Ducati Racing Ducati 955
8 Chris Walker ENG Old Spice Ducati Racing Ducati 955
88 Scott Smart ENG*** Old Spice Ducati Racing Ducati 955
3 Jamie Whitham ENG Team Cadbury’s Boost Yamaha YZF750
30 Niall Mackenzie SCO Team Cadbury’s Boost Yamaha YZF750
4 Michael Rutter ENG Team McCulloch Ducati 955
5 Phil Borley ENG¹ Team Duckhams Ducati
21 Jim Moodie SCO**** Team Duckhams Ducati 955
22 Ian Simpson SCO Team Duckhams Ducati 955
9 David Jefferies ENG Medd Racing Honda RC45
10 Dean Ashton ENG CMA/Baxi Heating Ducati Ducati 955
11 Andy Hatton ENG East Midland Superbikes Ducati
12 Alex Buckingham ENG Inch’s Cider Yamaha Yamaha
17 Ray Stringer ENG Sabre Airways Racing Kawasaki ZX7RR
88 Scott Smart ENG² Sabre Airways Racing Kawasaki
19 Simon Beck ENG Peachurst Bathrooms Kawasaki
20 Jim Hodson GBR Len Anderson Kawasaki Kawasaki
21 Jim Moodie SCO**** Team G-Shock Crescent Suzuki GSX-R750
25 Ian Cobby Team G-Shock Crescent Suzuki
26 Paul Denning Team G-Shock Crescent Suzuki
23 Shaun Muir ENG Colchester Motorcycles Kawasaki
24 Paul A Jones WAL Transatlantic Vacations Yamaha
27 Steve Marks ENG [Marks] Kawasaki
35 Nigel Nottingham ENG Team Mistral Boilers Yamaha
38 Colin Hipwell GBR Friskies Petcare Kawasaki
39 James Bunton [Bunton] Yamaha
44 Tom Knight [Knight] Ducati
44 Sean Emmett ENG² Fast Bikes Magazine Ducati
45 Mike Edwards ENG² V&M Honda Honda RC45
56 Andy Ward ENG Five Seven Racing Ducati 955
57 Graham Ward ENG Five Seven Racing Ducati 955
77 Brett Sampson ENG GT Motorcycles Kawasaki
252 Peter Graves ENG Team Atlantic 252 Ducati

¹ substitute rider
² wildcard entry
* Hislop joined the Revé team after Nemesis folded
** Llewellyn replaced Walker after Nemesis folded
*** Smart was stand-in at Knockhill when Rymer had clashing commitments
**** Moodie moved from Ducati to Suzuki mid-season

With grateful thanks to Phil Wain of RealRoadRacing.com

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