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Hungary 2011

By mikel
July 30 2011

The site has been down for awhile...but between me working my regular job and my trying to start something else up on the side, I've really been robbed of time and ability.I do apologize. business has picked up somewhat, I am no longer on the road 18 hrs a day...I'm now down to 16 hrs!The Hungarian GP is typically the worst GP on the F1 calender, in that it offered little to no opertunity to pass.... More >

here we go ...Monoco...

Hey all you SauberF1Team Fans! It’s been a few weeks since I wrote a story here, so let’s try to catch up to the current situation here in Monoco. SauberF1 Team perform... More >

Turkey Qualifying 2011

Not exactly the best of times for Sauber f1Team today, to say the least. Koybyashi had a 'fuel delivery' issue that gob smacked his Saturday run...could be a fuel pump issue, ... More >

Turkey, 2011

Hey all SauberF1Team fans!   I'm sure you've been as busy as i was in the past few weeks as I was!   Small update from here...it's finally stopped raining which is a smal... More >

Kobayashi gets a point in China for Sauber

The Sauber F1 Team is leaving China after the third race of the 2011 season with another point thanks to a good race for Kamui Kobayashi, who finished tenth in his Sauber C30-Fe... More >

SauberF1 Team at China GP...

Hey all! This is a shout out to all SauberF1 Team fans...lets ramp this shit up and in the words of my mentor (Larry, the cable guy...) let's git er done!So...Ive been really busy ... More >

The Australian GP and other news...

 Hey hey Sauber fans !How are you all doing tonight? Ya...me too, tired and cranky!   Newest news ( that I'm convinced you all got) is that Sergio took a sprint run thro... More >

Well...I guess I'm just a little po'd....

  Don't know about anyone else, but I really saw this one coming in from 1.54 kilometres away...which doesn't make me or anyone else prescient, however I am simply fucking obs... More >

Here we meet again for another of my 'op ed' pieces ...

Today also marked the tenth anniversery of Dale Earnheart Sr.'s death on the final lap of the Daytona 500 in 2001while supporting both Michael Waltrip and his son, Dale Jr. In a fi... More >

It's time the pundit's shut their cake holes...

  Jacques said he quit...and at the time I believed it. I stopped believing it watching the Q's of the following GP's...the car was a bit of a dog, but this guy managed to bri... More >

team celebrate

 Spanish GP Review: