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By Chris
February 3 2007

Welcome to the links page!

Here you'll find various links that the team here at the site recommend to all F1 lovers!


BMW Sauber F1 Team Links:

Sauber Motorsport website http://www.sauber-motorsport.com/

BMWSauberF1 previous Website(Flash version): http://www.bmw-sauber-f1.com/en/index.html

Wikipedia Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_Sauber

ChicaneF1 Team Page: http://www.chicanef1.com/indiv.pl?name=BMW%20Sauber%20F1&type=R

Sauberspeak (the SN website for Sauber - the site has now been deactivated, but there is still a lot of history about the Sauber team available there!): http://www.sportnetwork.net/main/s200.htmq

BMWSauberF1 Drivers Links:

Pedro de la Rosa:

Official & Fan Site: http://www.pedrodelarosa.com/english/index.php

Fanclub: in Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/PEDRO-DE-LA-ROSA-FAN-CLUB/355793335707?v=info

in Spanish: http://www.pedrodelarosa.com/castellano/index.php

Wikipedia Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pedro_de_la_Rosa

ChicaneF1 Driver Page: http://www.chicanef1.com/indiv.pl?name=Pedro%20de%20la%20Rosa&type=d

Kamnui Kobayashi:

Official Site: http://www.kamuikobayashi.com/

Fanclub: in Facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=120762365060

Wikipedia Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamui_Kobayashi

ChicaneF1 Driver Page: http://www.chicanef1.com/indiv.pl?name=Kamui%20Kobayashi&type=d


 Previous Sauber drivers:


Official Site: http://www.nickheidfeld.com

Fansite: http://www.nickheidfeld.org

Fanclub: http://www.heidfeld-fanclub.de/ (Geman)

Wikipedia Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Heidfeld

ChicaneF1 Driver Page: http://www.chicanef1.com/indiv.pl?name=Nick%20Heidfeld&type=d



Official Site: http://www.kubica.pl/

Wikipedia Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Kubica

ChicaneF1 Driver Page: http://www.chicanef1.com/indiv.pl?name=Robert%20Kubica&type=D

F1 News Links:

Official Formula1 Website: http://www.f1.com

Technical analysis and news: http://www.f1technical.net

Free general F1 news(1) :http://www.f1racing.net

Free general F1 news(2) :http://www.f1-live.com

Paying  & free general F1 news: http://www.autosport.com


Need a sig? Check into Unky Dali's Mad Sig Lab - Les (NZL) is BMWF1Talk's "Official Graphics Provider" and his work is truly stunning! And, what's more is that he'll even make you a sig for free! : http://f1net.smartlivin.net/sigs/

Need a website? Check out http://www.unstuckdesign.com/! Professional web design - just have a look a the portfolio!

Batracer - free browser simulation web game - http://www.batracer.com/

Youtube - great place to find short F1 movies - http://www.youtube.com/


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