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BMWF1Talk Message Board Rules

By Chris
February 18 2007

BMWF1Talk Forum Rules


Each message boarder/poster must follow these rules:

  1. The language used in your posts should be kept clean - people from all walks of life will be reading your posts, and what does not offend you may upset others.
  2. Do not attack/deliberately offend other posters - that just ruins the atmosphere for everyone on the board.
  3. The main forum is for F1 discussions only - all other posts should be posted in the Off-Topic board. ** This rule does not have to be so strictly followed during the off-season; we are aware that things get pretty quiet on the F1 front in the winter months! However, whenever you do post an off-topic thread in the main board, know that the admin team have the right to move it to the OT board at any time. **
  4. Keep your posts in English - this is an English speaking website.
  5. We also have a rule on the forum regarding copyrighted news articles and images. If you want to link to a copyrighted news story or image, that's fine, but please do not 'copy and paste' it into your post.


If you see a post which offends you or breaks one of the site rules, email us: abuse@bmwf1talk.com.


Please post in the forum with the knowledge that the BMWF1Talk admin team have the right to modify (delete, edit, move etc.) all posts that do not conform to the above stated forum rules. Obviously, if a poster continually or severely breaks the forum rules they will be banned from the forum by the admin team.


Note on spam: Spamming will not be tolerated - all posts which we view as spam will be deleted immediately. Unless well justified, spamming will result in the poster receiving a warning, or even a straight banning (if an account was created on the site specifically to spam).



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