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Would Ferrari Retain Massa post 2010?

Future uncertain?

By Jay
January 26 2010

It may be wild, off the mark, and too early, for such a guess, but does Ferrari see a future with Massa beyond 2010? If one consider few things, then the possibility of the same seems less.

Ferrari's new signee, Fernando has a contract with Ferrari that runs till the end of 2012, while Felipe's ends with the new season.

Massa, who gained  immense experience under Michael in his initial year at Ferrari, stood his own ground against the German's replacement, Kimi Raikkonnen.  
He would have even gone one step ahead and easily matched him on championship winning, if not for poor tactics and goofups from Ferrari pitcrew, two seasons back.

However, the present challenge before Massa is different.

Unlike Kimi, Fernando doesnt just rely on his pace, but is known to be good at giving valuable feedbacks and working on getting the right setups for each race.

Ferrari is relying heavily on Fernando to get back the championship, and the feelers from the team camp too suggests that he may be favoured over the Brazilian in team strategy.

Secondly, there are many other driver options which Ferrari could choose from, like, Vettel, Kubica etc., who have proven their worth on the track. Though each of them have their own specific contract, history has shown that contract means less in F1, if a team decides to get / oust a driver.

In all this, we have the Yamaha MotoGP Head expressing fear of losing his legendary driver Rossi to F1, and specifically Ferrari.

His fears are quite justified if one notice the lap times put in by Rossi at the recent tests in F2008 at the Catalunya circuit.

With 9 World GP championship in his kitty, it wouldn't be a surprise if this legendary champ isn't itching for new challenges outside his domain. If that switch happens to be with the most glamourous of motorsports racing, the F1, you can't blame him.

Ferrari, on its part, and very recently Domenicalli too, have always stated that one can't say no, about the possibility of the third car option. However, there seems little interest in that direction by the FIA, on which the decision rests. Schumacher's move to Mercedes shows that waiting for that option to realise seems futile.

Thus, the realistic chance of Rossi making to Ferrari would have to be at the cost of one of their regular drivers.

If Luca Montezemolo could manage this teaming of Rossi and Ferrari, it would be great for motorsports enthusiasts, and a win-win situation for Ferrari and Rossi.

Rossi would be getting to drive his favourite and the most successful team in F1, while Ferrari would have a legend driving for them, who happens to be an Italian national and not to say about the media and sponsors it will attract.

Massa has thus a huge challenge to retain his position. Will he be up to it, only time would tell.

However, he needs to put his injury and past failures behind and give more than his best, because may be only a championship would save his future at Maranello.
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