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By Phil Giles
January 3 2005

Some Frequently Asked Questions.

We've had a number of requests for information about this site and some details of how to actually use the message board software correctly.  So I thought it may be handy to have a little Q and A session.  If you want more detail added then e-mail me. (see Q2!)

The Questions...

Q1 How do I put an image in my message board post?
Q2 How do I email Bigpip?

The Answers...

A1. Ok, this is how to post an image in your message.

First off, your image has to be on a web server somewhere.  As an example, if your internet service provider gives you web space to create your own website then use an FTP package to upload your image to your website.  Next, you need to link to the image. 

Write down its url (eg. http://www.jordanfansonline.com/bigpip.jpg), then on the message board, click "Add an Image".

This will put the following text into your message [img]http://your-site.com/your_image.gif[/img]

Replace the text between the [img] tags with the url for your image and hey presto. one image added to your post.

Remember, we do have an image gallery available.  Just click the Fans Photos link on the right hand side to view.

A2 Easy.  Click here: bigpip@jordanfansonline.com

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