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JFO Prediction League Welcome

By Phil Giles
January 30 2005

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Hi and welcome to the JFO Prediction League.

The competition is based on each grand prix weekend and you gain points by guessing who will finish where each race weekend. The overall prize winner will receive a prize kindly sponsored by Jordan Grand Prix.

There will be weekly winners and an overall winner. Sorry Ė thereís no prizes yet for the weekly winners [hint to possible sponsors] but the overall prize winner will receive a prize sponsored by Jordan Grand Prix. Last yearís winner, Evonne ended up winning a Jordan Ford yellow baseball cap signed by Nick Heidfeld. As soon as I know what this yearís prize is, Iíll let you all know.
So letís get down to the nitty-gritty. Hereís how to score and the rules of the competition:

∑ 10 points for a correct top 8 qualifier.
∑ 3 points for a top 8 qualifier but in the incorrect place.

∑ 10 points for a correct top 8 finisher.
∑ 3 points for a top 8 finisher but in the incorrect place.

∑ 10 points for the first driver to pit during the race.
∑ 10 points for the driver who is awarded the fastest lap of the race.

∑ 5 points for each correct Jordan/Midland placing in qualifying and race. [No points given for DNF].
∑ 10 points for the 1st driver to get any penalty during the race.

Each entrant has two jokers to play whenever you want during the season. When you play a joker, you get to double the points scored for the race in question.

As Iím running the competition, Iím going to post my entry on the message board for all to see. I will also post a reminder on the message board before each race.

Everyone is welcome to enter.

All entries must be emailed to me prior to the start of the race weekend. The cut off time is the start of 1st practice on Friday morning [or Thursday for Monaco]. Any entries received after this time will loose half the points they should have scored if the entry was on time.

Iíve been assured by Jordan Grand Prix that they will again be sponsoring a prize this year. As soon as I have further details, Iíll let you know.

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