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O/T. Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?
Discussion started by Gunk , 09 February, 2011 21:44
O/T. Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?
Gunk 09 February, 2011 21:44
The news about Robert is tragic of course. But hopefully some will find a little left in their hearts to spare a thought for Dany Bahar of Group Lotus.

This poor man has just squandered 20m of some other people's money on a team without a driver. Ooops.

In the meantime, Bahar's deadly but successful business rival, Tony Fernandes, has been awarded loads of stuff like the CBE. Ouch.

While most of us are only concerned with Robert's recovery, poor Dany has to face the prospect of a High Court Action, in which he may lose - following the loss of a key driver - all his fake claims to the fake Lotus Heritage.

Worse, despite Bahar spending zillions of other people's money, it is looking increasingly unlikely that the fake Senna will be chosen to drive the fake Lotus . . . even if that plan was ever going to cause anything more than global nausea amongst Lotus fans.

Our hearts must go out this unfortunate man.

Doncha thunk?

Re: O/T. Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?
crusty_bread 09 February, 2011 22:10
No, he is a vain, arrogant, selfish, myopic, greedy ba$tard.

Re: O/T. Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?
crusty_bread 09 February, 2011 22:14
Following a very recent phone call, I would like to go on record as saying that there is only one true Lotus, and that is Group Lotus and I am fully behind the Genii Lotus Renault F1 team. I shall be regularly posting on Renault Rockets as an enthusiastic supporter, killing time in the spring before my long and expensive summer holiday in the bahamas.

Re: O/T. Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?
mayhemfunkster 09 February, 2011 23:00
Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?


mayhemlurker ;-)

Re: O/T. Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?
IanSmithISA 10 February, 2011 14:58
Good afternoon

My understanding is that TF bought a failed nationalised Airline for a dollar and accepted liability for the debts.

This airline has grown, breaking down many political barriers restricting air travel in SE Asia because TF was part of the “In crowd”, he was part of the government’s cronies. For good or bad SE Asia was like Europe a while back, all nationalised airlines protecting their own interests, “you want landing rights at my airport, get lost”.

He is not someone on the outside fighting the forces of big government, he is an ex big government chap who has been cast out and is now whining that is not fair.

I had a "soft spot" for Lotus last season, because of the name, I was happy to buy into the marketing, Air Asia GP would have been just another team.

Whilst the team may have the legal rights to use the name, to me TF's team is looking very stupid using the name Lotus,Proton is the owner of Lotus from a "natural position".

My first interest in F1 was when Saudia Airways sponsered Willians, and I could be persuaded to support Air Asia GP, just be clear about who you are.



Re: O/T. Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?
crusty_bread 10 February, 2011 15:33
Ok Ian, but if Group Lotus are in the most "natural position" why have they totally ignored the fact that Colin Chapman split the rights for his own benefits, and that David Hunt, and Now TF have been allowed to buy the Formula one team name rights?

Doesn't owning the formula one team name put you in the most natural position to race in Formula one as Team Lotus?

If road manufacturing and Formula One were the same, why did Chapman split it in the first place and why do some manufacturers enter F1 and others do not?

TF is hardly "whining"- he had his licence revoked without cause and is having the rights he has paid for ignored and violated.

I don't care what tinpot government standards are acceptable in other nations, in Britain, we have something called the high court, and if a matter goes to them, it is up to them to decide who is whining, and who is urinating all over the law.

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Re: O/T. Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?
understeer 10 February, 2011 16:04
No..he seems like a typical corporate arrogant A$$.

Re: O/T. Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?
Gunk 10 February, 2011 16:26
The problem is, Proton is a slush fund and sinecure for Malaysian politicians.

The ex-Prime Minister is a spokesman for Proton.

It guarantees them all jobs, hence the Gov support for Bahar.

Re: O/T. Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?
boro1986willliamsf1 11 February, 2011 08:11
Feel sorry for Bahar mmmmmmmmmmmmm let me think(Sm26) errr NO

100% Williams

Re: O/T. Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?
Which Tyler 12 February, 2011 05:18
I'd just like to point out that Group Lotus has nothing more than sponsorship of the Renault team; like AT&T WIlliams, or WEST McLaren.
Bahar would like us all to think that that's not the case, but he's lying.

A man who cannot change his mind, cannot change anything

Re: O/T. Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?
Greenmachine 12 February, 2011 18:09
Tony Fernandez, regardless of his background, got into F1 legitimately by buying a legitimate and historical F1 brand to try to revitalize it and continue the legacy.

Bahar, regardless of his background, got into F1 by sponsoring another F1 team using the same name as a team already on the grid. It would be as if McLaren F1 and McLaren Cars had split and someone continued with the race team but the person in charge of McLaren cars decided to get into F1 and so sponsored another team.

As an entrepreneur and the owner of 2 companies, one a motorsport part supplier, the other OEM re-manufacturing, I've encountered typically 2 types of people in that world. The honest "I don't feel right in making some money unless you are too" type and the unethical "Destroy everything in my path to make some money" type. Bahar is the latter.

Re: O/T. Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?
crusty_bread 13 February, 2011 11:22
Very interesting thoughts, Greenmachine. I am finding with very bitter recent experience that there are an awful lot more of the latter type of person in this world than I previously believed.

Re: O/T. Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?
mayhemfunkster 14 February, 2011 09:24
Yes Crusty. Its amzing the way some people behave when money is involved.

I think the most annyoing aspect is that "Group" lost the race to get to F1 and should realise that and sponsor "Team". That would be a mutually beneficial solution for all.

"Team" aren't quick enough? Mike Gascoyne and a Red Bull back end is a good combination. How about invest in the partnership?

Of couse not, Bahar wants it all now, and that will be his downfall.

mayhemlurker ;-)

Re: O/T. Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?
Gunk 01 March, 2011 12:52
More good news for Dany

Proton Shares Slump After Big Losses

Mar.1 (GMM & PVM) Proton, the owner of Renault’s new title sponsor Group Lotus, has recorded big losses and a slumping share price, according to reports in the Malaysian press.
And automotive analysts OSK Research projected more of the same in the future due to “branding and marketing costs” incurred by Proton’s “F1 foray”, a report in the Star newspaper read.

The report claims that the marketing bill, of which the F1 project takes up a substantial amount is in the region of US $24 to $32 million.

Proton advisor Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the former Malaysian prime minister, also acknowledged the Lotus factor in the figures.

“(Proton is) actually profitable but its profit has been trimmed because of the losses incurred by Lotus,” he is quoted by the Bernama news agency.

“We have to restructure Lotus Group and need to introduce new models. In the meantime, we cannot make a profit. We hope within two-three years when we introduce new models, we will do better,” added Dr Mohamad.

In December 2010 Proton’s shares were traded at their lowest since Dec 22, 2009.

Re: O/T. Don't Y'all Feel Sorry For Dany Bahar?
mayhemfunkster 01 March, 2011 13:43
Oh it's all going to go horribly wrong. Starting to feel quite sorry for the people on the ground at Lotus Cars as they will be the ones that lose their jobs when the Malaysians get fed up with Bahar's extortathon.

mayhemlurker ;-)

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