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Re: Malaysian GP - Race
ant007uk 25 March, 2012 20:10
A good day to be a Williams fan. With time and more confidence, our boys and girls will deliver more points, of that I'm sure.

Be safe, Be happy and NEVER let anyone make you afraid!!!

Re: Malaysian GP - Race
Bond 25 March, 2012 20:23
Go eat @#$%& and die in a fire, Maldonado.

I'm hoping that as well for you juvie.
Get your whiney ass out of here orochocke.

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Re: Malaysian GP - Race
Mikef1 25 March, 2012 20:28
Whilst I completely disagree with the way the point was put forward, it WOULD be interesting to see what an Alonso/Button/Vettel could do with this car.

Re: Malaysian GP - Race
Bond 25 March, 2012 20:28
Where we've been the last 7 years & where we are now - full of hope & vigor - some of the juvies here forget - a good team isn't build in 2 weeks.

That goes from engineering to drivers too.

Re: Malaysian GP - Race
Mr. Pink 25 March, 2012 20:45
A few point from the race:
- finally some points
- both drivers made silly mistakes however Pastor mistake was a rookie one. I couldn't believe it when I saw it, it looked like he was lost in the pits. In some weird way it was funny...
- Pastor still drove a better race if you ask me. I was checking the lap times during the race and it looked like Pastor was faster than Senna so I still think Senna is a long way to better Pastor
- to bad pastor didn't score a point as that would given him a lot of confidence and he would probably forget Australia.
- FW34 had very good pace on dry tires so it is a pity we didn't score more point in the first two races. Still, great work by the guys in the factory.
- three weeks is a long time until Chine so I hope we get a good upgrade as the grid is immensely tight. I hope Mercedes and Ferrari don't recover before it.
- Excellent race by Perez, I really thought he is gonna win it. This guy might be the next big thing, it reminded me of Vettel's win in Monza in Toro Rosso.
- I hated it when I heard the Sauber pit telling Perez to chill. He could have won it easily.
- I think Ferrari is currently on the phone with Perez's manager. If they are not they are crazy.
- what is the point of rain tires if they stop every race when it rains, completely stupid...
Sir Frank: "It's what we do, we love doing it. It's like oxygen, it fixes you".

Re: Malaysian GP - Race
rrafekaj 25 March, 2012 20:48
Whilst I completely disagree with the way the point was put forward, it WOULD be interesting to see what an Alonso/Button/Vettel could do with this car.

Well today Alonso would have got us a great result but nill points if it was the other two.

I think we're lucky in the sense that Pastor gives us a pretty good indication of where the FW34 is pace wise. I doubt those 'top' drivers would be much quicker - more consistent i'm sure but they've been around the block a lot and they cost money. Our one gives us money and is fast. We done pretty well out of Pastor so far and i only see it getting better.

Re: Malaysian GP - Race
Mikef1 25 March, 2012 21:00
I fear if we collect 5th or 6th in the championship this year, we will drop Senna in favour of Bottas... Now, that being said, I really REALLY want Bottas in our car, but I feel sorry for Senna because he must see that too, and he is such a nice guy.

Re: Malaysian GP - Race
Gunk 25 March, 2012 21:27
I fear if we collect 5th or 6th in the championship this year, we will drop Senna in favour of Bottas... Now, that being said, I really REALLY want Bottas in our car, but I feel sorry for Senna because he must see that too, and he is such a nice guy.

I wouldn't say that's a certainty - unless another sponsor comes along. Parr prefers money in the bank to someone in the car. And if Williams performs well this season, it will be used as a lever to get more money from Brazil. It's easier to grow existing sponsors than find new ones.

That aside, Williams don't have many other options for 2013 besides Bottas.

Re: Malaysian GP - Race
Ozzy Osbone 25 March, 2012 21:44
That does totally discount the fact that Senna may prove to be the real thing. If so, the money will flow from Brazil I think.

If not, then he deserves to be replaced. That's the nature of F1. I think it will be the former. We will see.

Re: Malaysian GP - Race
Pancho Pepe 25 March, 2012 22:46
There are more positive things to get out of this weekend for Williams in comparison with several other teams (except Ferrari and Sauber).

Our car is a very good one, and we have drivers who can use it to climb up grid positions confidently.

Both Bruno and Pastor managed to come up from 20th all the way to the top 10, passing several world champions.

Mistakes (crash, pit box) and exceptional circumstances (Pasta's engine smoking) conspired against us, but look the errors of many other teams and drivers.

What Button did crashing into Karthikeyan's HRT, is not normal for such an experienced driver. But crazy changing conditions can mess up the mind of even world champions like Jenson. If it had been Pastor or Bruno, many in this forum would have been very happy, and pulled out the "sack em both" card.

It was disappointing to hear Vettel use words like "cucumber" and "idiot" with Narain. The indian could have said something like that against Button, who totally ruined the chance of a promising performance for HRT.

Now, how come Lewis didn't win? There you have an excellent driver with the best car on the grid, outpaced by an almost rookie in an inferior car, and a crappy Ferrari.

Mercedes? what a joke! Michael from 3rd to 10th!

Lotus? Don't get me started!

The thing is that this crazy weekend was a disaster for several teams because of the rain.

Sauber was lucky, very lucky. They gambled on tires and it worked for them, but it could have also gone very bad. The thing is that everything went perfect for them with the changing weather, while for most others one or more things went wrong. of course, they have an excellent driver in Pérez.

But remember that Pastor convincingly outpaced Pérez in GP2, so if that had been Pastor in the Sauber, he could have delivered a similar or better performance.

If the track had been like at Melbourne, Perez could have also crashed following Alonso.

If the Melbourne track had been as wide and with big runoff areas as Sepang's, Pastor would have passed Alonso last week and might have been challenging for 5th.

Perez ran wide at turn 9, then came off completely at turn 12, and then in the final laps went out track at turn 13. If it had been at Melbourne, he would have crashed out. So, even he made mistakes that could have been fatal.

What ifs, what ifs... The point is that Williams did manged to get something good out of the crazy race, and again show we do have good pace. In normal conditions, we should excel.

Regarding being a Williams supporter: It should be about supporting both the team and our drivers. Criticizing when deserved, objectively and taking things in context.

I would not, for instance, ask for a change in engine supplier after the failure in Pastor's Renault this weekend.

What if the engine problem Pastor had could be traced to a single mechanic who didn't tighten a nut properly? Would we ask for him to be sacked? Really? and spend the time it takes to acclimatize and train a new one?

In Nakajima's case, the guy had plenty, plenty of time to give glimpses of decent performances, and never delivered. No one could have been a fan of him after so many weekends not using the decent car that he had and being outpaced by such a large margin by his teammate. But with our current two drivers, the case is different. They have shown good pace, especially Pastor for now, and all they need is more experience. Things that come out naturally for guys like Alonso, Button, Raikkonen, etc, due to their multi-year experience in F1, for our guys, those are mental exercises, and they have to think them through until they developed into a reflex-like thing.

I am sure that when Bruno gets more familiar with the team, his qualy performance will improve.

Williams is not a top team at the moment. To be "wondering" what it would be like to have XYZ in the car to see what they can do, is just a fun exercise of the mind, but not grounded in reality.

We are good as we are right now. We are in an upward trend, and future races will show that we are back in the strong midfield.

Both Melbourne and Sepang have been two weird anomalies that do not fully reflect how the season will progress.

Lets hope development pace is as good or better than other teams.

I really won't miss Sam Michael's stupid comments about trying new parts that end up not working, and "this track should suit us" crap. I really sense the new tech guys know what they are doing much more than Sam.

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Re: Malaysian GP - Race
K1 25 March, 2012 23:19
as i said earlier....little by little, inch by inch. a new start has been made and it is starting to become apparent that this car has potential, in the right hands.

race conditions like sepang sundays almost always ring in some strange results and today was no different. after two more races, hopefully in the dry, the future will be clearer.

all the 'ifs' won't change things. it's a bit like saying, 'if my auntie had cojones, she'd be my uncle'.

Re: Malaysian GP - Race
Ozzy Osbone 25 March, 2012 23:29
Tell that to my Uncle Susan.

Re: Malaysian GP - Race
raiden 26 March, 2012 00:45
Mixed Feelings today, really from the top to the back of the grid and then again back into top6. The car has potential, no doubt about it.

Senna drove really well despite his spin/crash in the first lap.. As for Pastor he needs to stop making so many mistakes, but he drove really well from 20th to 10th, when Button was behind Pastor I was afraid he was going to overtake us and that did never happen, pastor was miles faster than the Mclaren and made it up inthe field.

Pastor was unlucky with the enigne problem, wasnt his fault but thats racing. We need to be more patient and more will come from this car and our drivers!

Raikkonen is faster than us(at least Senna) but I dont know what tires he was using towards the end, so I dare to say we are at the same level as them.

As for Alonso and Perez I really dont know how on earth they were so high on the grid today. Even Hamilton with the best car on the grid couldnt match their pace.... I know they dont have fast cars but today was a lottery and all about the rain.

Roll on China with the new updates, and no more mistakes Please.


Re: Malaysian GP - Race
SepangFanatic 26 March, 2012 06:25
"In wet conditions a quick pit stop time is strongly affected by how well a driver can top on his marks and get away when he is released. That plus quick pit work equals the best stop – and it was Pastor Maldonado and the Williams team who were the fastest in Sepang"

Re: Malaysian GP - Race
speed 26 March, 2012 06:26
After 2006, this appears to be the strongest pairing. Maybe the car is flattering the drivers? I don't know. They made mistakes but at least they could pull themselves back up the field. Even Button in a faster car couldn't do that yesterday. And in the past he's pulled into the RBR garage. So at least the mistakes they made weren't something that WCs haven't done before. I only hope they can stop doing that every race.

Re: Malaysian GP - Race
WILLIAMS-F1-Fan 26 March, 2012 06:51
Bruno is already better than his uncle.

Scored for Williams, and is ahead of Michael Schumacher.
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Re: Malaysian GP - Race
SepangFanatic 26 March, 2012 06:55
i'm in sepang yesterday, it's dangerous to allow HRT car in wet race and why their car sound so terrible? I feel sorry to see F1 car like this......

Senna will fight with Kimi for 5th if he not disturbed by HRT.

Re: Malaysian GP - Race
mayhemfunkster 26 March, 2012 09:30
Wet races are about survival as DC put it. Bruno scored points, Pastor had a problem. It is not the end of the world. Indeed it still bodes well that the car was roughly competitive at both kinds of circuit so far this year.

We are only picking up from 2010 so while I see no reason for excitement, I see no reason for pessimism. Williams are back to being Williams from 2004-2010 performance-wise, with a new technical team and direction.

Let's see what happens.

mayhemlurker ;-)

Re: Malaysian GP - Race
Mr. Pink 26 March, 2012 09:50
Race lap times comparison
Sir Frank: "It's what we do, we love doing it. It's like oxygen, it fixes you".

Re: Malaysian GP - Race
TerraNova19 26 March, 2012 10:03
Pancho Pepe

Pancho Pepe: I respect you passion for Williams and Maldonado!

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