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Re: F1 Memorabilia
Rosberg 22 February, 2013 16:43
i just received this in the mail, a 1/20 MFH kit of the 1985 Ferrari 156/85. It's a multi-media kit that comprises of resin / white metal and plastic parts, it'll be a great challenge for me.

I'll do both Alboreto and Johansson's car for my diorama

like the McLaren kit i showed earlier, i've plans to add the Alboreto and Johansson figures later on.

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Re: F1 Memorabilia
Rosberg 18 April, 2013 20:06
With the Williams team's disappointment result in the early part of the 2013, there's not much to discuss about. So i've decided to bring back this thread and share with you my memorabilia collection. Since my last update, I've been working on the 1/20 Wolf kit of 1985 Toleman with the Teo Fabi figure (GF brand).

if you're not familiar with the car, here is how it looks.

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Re: F1 Memorabilia
Rosberg 18 April, 2013 20:23
sorry i clicked the wrong button (should be preview instead), so here is the rest of the update pictures.

this is the instruction manual and decal sheet

here are some of the white metal parts, as you can see, they are quite rough that need to be sanded.

these are photo-etch parts for the front and rear wing end plates, seatbelts and radiator etc.

the white metal wheels also need some works

Work has started on the rear wing plates - the rouge edges have been sanded and smoothed - i wanted to continue working on it a little more, but i found that the plates were beginning to separate, so had to cut short of my work on this to preserve the plates.

i used this screwdriver to work on the openings on the wheels.

Finished the prep work before the wheels got the primer on.

I've glued the rear wing plates to the endplate.

i tested fit the rear and front wings to the car - looks good so far.

Re: F1 Memorabilia
Rosberg 18 April, 2013 20:37
painted some of the parts

gearbox and rear suspensions fitted

Started work on the body - it has already been smoohted, primed and sprayed with the white colour. Now i'm working on masking the body before spraying the black portion.

Done!!! the result is pretty good, not much of over-sprary or bleeding through.

Seat belt fitted to the seat

the dashboard and the steering wheel

Fitted the front suspensions and brake to the car before i applied decal onto the car

Re: F1 Memorabilia
Rosberg 18 April, 2013 21:11
Now it's time to work on the 1/20 Teo Fabi figure - this is the GF Figure i chose to use

The figure has already been sprayed with a few coats of primer (gray and white) and then the base colour of white. Now i'm masking certain parts of the figure to leave the white on - before i sprayed a coat of green.

Masking of the helmet for the bottom green portion

Done, the tone of green is not 100% accurate, i should've spent more time on fine tuning the colour. Anyway here is how it looks.

Removed the masking tape to reveal the result.

The bottom green has been sprayed, now i'm masking (using both tape and liquid mask) the helmet for the red portions. Remember there's a thin white line in between the colours, so it's pretty tricky.

here is the result.

Now needed to mask for the top green portion of the helmet.

Done, but the white lines in between are too thick and the colour edges are quite rough.

I had re-worked on the helmet to obtain a better result. The helmet has been attached to the body.

The only thing left for the figure is the decal (which i still need to create myself) and the visor.

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Re: F1 Memorabilia
Rosberg 18 April, 2013 21:21
Going back to the car. I've started applying the decal on the car.

so it's about 90% completed, still need to work on the tires, polish the car and then apply the decal onto the figure.

It currently sits in the same display case as the McLaren MP4/2B

i hope you like what you see.

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Re: F1 Memorabilia
Rosberg 18 April, 2013 21:35
Next up after the Toleman will be the 1985 Williams cars - Nigel and Keke are eager to test their cars. I took me a long time to find the 85 Williams - FW09B and FW10 - they just arrived last week and this week respectively, so Keke (which was built 3 months ago) finally got his car. Since Rosberg was the lead driver of the team in 85, he's given the FW10 while Nigel would settle with the FW09B.

I hope I will do a good job on these kits.

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Re: F1 Memorabilia
Albi-Quin 19 April, 2013 19:33
Rosberg, where do you buy these kits ?

"How many more times,Ref?"

Re: F1 Memorabilia
Rosberg 19 April, 2013 23:15
this Toleman kit was ordered from this website:

I sent an email to Tom Walsh ( )and my kit arrived within 2 weeks from Brazil. This kit costs about $214 USD, shipping is already included for any Wolf 1/20 kit.

If you don't hear back from Tom, email him again as my initial email went to his junk box.

the 1/20 figure is a GF brand, you can see the choices from this website and this site lists all the online stores you can purchase their figures.

As for the 2 Williams kits - FW09B and FW10 - these are sold out long long time ago and i could only find one off on the Japan Yahoo auction page. I've been looking for these kits actively the last 4 months and finally found someone listed these kits in the last few weeks.

hope this helps.

Re: F1 Memorabilia
Darron 21 April, 2013 14:54
great pictures Rosberg, you must have very very steady hands!

Re: F1 Memorabilia
Rosberg 25 May, 2013 22:07
To celebrate Nico's third successive pole position, it's time for a quick update of my F1 model collections: i've finished making the two 85 Lotus drivers' figures - Elio de Angelis & Ayrton Senna.

To make Elio's figure, it takes 3 different sets of decals i could find on the market

Again,i used the GF brand 1/20 figures - here i've sprayed a couple coat of primer first before i masked the figure and sprayed a couple coat of black paint.

I've now brush painted the yellow lines/area of th figure and applied some decals. BTW, This is Elio's figure.

Elio is reading his race note

i've now painted the rest of the figure and helmet. Finished.

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Re: F1 Memorabilia
Rosberg 25 May, 2013 22:27
Next up is Ayrton's figure and helmet

covered up the bottom part of the figure and prepared to spray the shoe colour (always try to spray instead of brush paint it as much as possilbe as the finish would be smoother)

because i couldn't find a decal for the Nacional logo on Ayrton's cap, i decided to spray my own logo, by masking out the logo (with white as the base colour) and then sprayed a coat of blue.

sprayed a couple coat of blue - I used the Zero paint blue colour (for the Williams FW11), and i like this tone of blue which is very similar to the cap's colour. The masking tape was yet to be removed to reveal the Nacional logo on the cap.

Here is the result

the side and back of the figure - with the face and hair painted.

this is the end result with the helmet painted and decal applied. Note that the yellow I used for the helmet i slighly lighter than the yellow on the overall as Ayrton's 1985 helmet was in a lighter tone.

I like it alot.

The two Lotus teammates are re-united.

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Re: F1 Memorabilia
Rosberg 25 May, 2013 22:39
a group photo of all my 1985 figures. I'm also planning to make the Alboreto, Johansson, Piquet, Surer, Masell figures.

Re: F1 Memorabilia
PABLO 27 26 May, 2013 07:48

GO TEAM WILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: F1 Memorabilia
CLOVERLEAF 888 26 May, 2013 11:37
rosberg, thanks my friend for the updates

as impressive as ever. your skill is plain for all to see.

how many models do you have in total of the different cars now?

Re: F1 Memorabilia
Rosberg 26 May, 2013 14:22
I was actually working on the Williams FW10 while i took a break out to make the two Lotus figures. Below are WIP photos of the FW10.

Drilled holes and test fit all the suspension arms before putting on the primer.

i've applied about 3 coats of grey and another 3 coat of white primer to the body. Now i'm working on painting the uner-body black. I wanted to paint this area first as it's easy to mess up the exterior body if i'm not careful. So i wanted to get this out of the way before any colour paint or decal is applied.

the underneath black is done and i've now sprayed about 3 coat of white paint to the body.

now is onto the difficult but interesting bits. i've previously photocopied the decal sheet and i'm using this as a template to cut out the masking area for my masking tape.

this is the masking tape

applied onto the body to cover up area that i don't want to get the yellow colour.

here is the result

Next up is the blue area.

alot of working was going into the masking to ensure there's no bleeding through to the yellow and white area - this is critical. if not done properly, would require a un-do and re-do of the whole process.

here is the result - i'm mldly satisfied with it, with someo the blue paint was not straight due to the very tight area around the cockpit sides, luckily, there's the red thin line to cover up the imperfections.

After applying a couple coats clear coat (to seal the paint), now i can apply some decals onto the body. Note that i've also brush painted the interior cockpit black, this is a very difficult task (for me) as it's easy to mess up the exterior color if not careful, very very worrying when i was working on it and it took a lot of revisions / touch up to achieve a reasonabe result.

Keke is eagar to get into the car, but there's still a long way to go.

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Re: F1 Memorabilia
Rosberg 07 February, 2015 01:48
Let's do a count down to the 2015 F1 season - I borrowed this idea from the Autosport forum.

36 days to go!!!

This is the 1983 Toleman HART - with double rear wings and double deck front wing design.

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Re: F1 Memorabilia - Count Down to the 2015 Season (P.3)
Rosberg 07 February, 2015 21:30
35 days to go!!!

This is the 1/43 1979 Alfa Romeo 179

Re: F1 Memorabilia - Count Down to the 2015 Season (P.3)
Duffer 07 February, 2015 23:58
That's a very cool hobby rosberg. Awesome work, particularly on the drivers! An idea for you, photograph your models from the same angle as a real photo of the car and post side by side. Would look great!

Re: F1 Memorabilia - Count Down to the 2015 Season (P.3)
Whitey*~@ 08 February, 2015 04:03
I just bought a 1/43 Senna McLaren MP4/6 and a 1/18 Ricciardo Red Bull RB10, love them very nice.

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