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F1 is suck!
Discussion started by Anderis , 10 June, 2018 20:34
F1 is suck!
Anderis 10 June, 2018 20:34
Two weeks ago we had the most boring edition of Monaco GP I have ever seen and this week is the same story- the most boring edition of Canadian GP I have ever seen. F1 needs serious changes, seriously.

Re: F1 is suck!
Mikef1 10 June, 2018 20:43
I actually agree. If Canada can't produce the goods something is wrong. Hamilton not able to overtake is mental

Re: F1 is suck!
AlanJones 10 June, 2018 21:14
I do not agree. Because face it, if we all start to complain after two races that barely score an average, what's the use of it? We have had some brilliant first couple of races this season. It is bound to go wrong at some point where it will get dull. And trust me, the upcoming race won't be any better. Without crashes, safety cars or failing cars, I can't see Paul Ricard producing a good race. Montreal isn't a great track to begin with. But it is exciting at times due to safety cars, weather or other stuff happening on track. But the circuit itself doesn't produce good racing in general.
So start to complain now is like being a supporter of any American sport. Expecting no draws, many goals and artificial excitement all the time is not what this sport needs. The sport of Formula One, at first, need to get to be a sport again. To applaud out of the box thinking. To applaud ingenuity. Not to restrain this. Also the influence of money should be limited. Because in any sport you can see that money buys it all. It's Real Madrid winning the Champions League, Golden State owning LeBron and his team or Mercedes and Ferrari buying the championship, it is all down to money. Horner complaining that it will cost thousands of jobs. Yes indeed, jobs created by yourself by overspending. So don't bring it down by playing the sad note. It was your fault to begin with to start overspending that much. A level playing field by finances is going to save Formula One. Not having artificial stuff like shortening races, throwing a more efficient DRS in the game or freezing up development on engines. If you want to do it right, teams should only get their money from the FIA or Liberty. Any other money spend is illegal. Sponsor money on cars should flow into the account of the FIA or Liberty and they will divide the money. And maybe even have a draft system for drivers like the NBA or NFL has. Down the drain with any young driver development shizzle. But that all is too much to ask. It is all down to politics and money.

Re: F1 is suck!
Ozzy Osbone 10 June, 2018 22:19
No. F1 is Suck. I look forward to F2 more now. It's a stupid situation and I thought Liberty would grab the bull by the horns but they have not.

Think about it. We slave ourselves to watch 20 odd races a season and we get maybe 2 or 3 good ones. Screw that. Tonight, I actually thought for the first time that I can't be bothered with this.

Re: F1 is suck!
Anderis 10 June, 2018 22:46
Montreal isn't a great track to begin with.
I could not disagree more. It's one of the 3 best tracks on the calendar IMO. I don't know if there is a circuit in F1 that delivered more good races in the past 12 years. It's good for overtaking with its abundance of hard braking zones and it's challenging as ideal race line is centimeters from walls at times.

Re: F1 is suck!
Ozzy Osbone 10 June, 2018 22:50
Agree with Anderis. Montreal is a perfect F1 track. One of the best ever. If they can't deliver a good race here, F1 is broken.

Re: F1 is suck!
hemorrhage 11 June, 2018 00:07
The track is ok, the race also ok. The point is F1 is less interesting to watch because of Pirelli stupid tyre rules,no refuelling, free drs zone.......

Re: F1 is suck!
Mehryar 11 June, 2018 00:15
Too much aero, I was talking the same with my dad when watching the race.If they can't overtake in Montreal, there's something really matter if the next race will be a cracker, Canada circuit offers everything for good racing.mixed sections of twisty corners with some good straights.heavy breaking zones and the least punishing pitlane of the calendar which logically should push the teams for aggressive strategies.

Re: F1 is suck!
T-800 Model 101 11 June, 2018 12:50
This race in Canada was awful, so damn boring I nearly fell asleep watching this boring $hit.

Re: F1 is suck!
T-800 Model 101 11 June, 2018 12:52
After watching this race it is official...Formula 1 is broken (Sm8)

Re: F1 is suck!
T-800 Model 101 11 June, 2018 15:27
If you lived in the 70s era of F1 you just can't watch it now.. it's a different sport.. shore fishing is more exciting than today's F1.

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Re: F1 is suck!
Anderis 11 June, 2018 16:59
I've started watching F1 in 2007, and around that time there were some pretty damn boring races, but I rate the last 2 races the most boring races I have seen on these particular circuits (Monaco and Montreal).

The top teams are so good right now that races have become boring. You don't have that "I have no idea what's going to happen" feeling anymore. There's no tension we used to have even during races with few overtakes. Perfection is boring. What I would introduce, apart from budget caps, more fair share of TV money and drastic aero changes is to reduce the tools available for teams such as telemetry, so they have much harder time keeping everything under control.

Re: F1 is suck!
hemorrhage 11 June, 2018 20:00
Its still ok if fans say f1 is boring, so what if f1 driver feels the race is boring too??? F1 is become disaster racing.

Re: F1 is suck!
Ozzy Osbone 11 June, 2018 20:36
You sort of get the impression that the racing is secondary to the glitz and celebrity BS that goes on.

The Ferrari / Schumi era was not a high point. From 1980 to 2000 where epic. That, for me, is the golden age of F1.

One thing which did add to the drama was reliability. Even if your guy was 2 laps ahead, it could all still go wrong. This should be built back in somehow. Or, some other way to light up the races. Have to use 4 tyre compounds per race? That would be exciting and could just be done. 2 races with reverse grids?

It needs something.

Re: F1 is suck!
Mikef1 11 June, 2018 22:00
I enjoyed the Formula E far more.

Re: F1 is suck!
hemorrhage 12 June, 2018 09:09
I enjoy pornography than F1

Re: F1 is suck!
T-800 Model 101 12 June, 2018 11:59
I enjoy Badminton than F1.

Re: F1 is suck!
Ozzy Osbone 12 June, 2018 12:59
Why does that not surprise me Hemorrhoid?

Re: F1 is suck!
hemorrhage 16 June, 2018 02:32
Even perez agree with me, Pirelli is suck, f1 boring cause of this rubbish tyre.

Re: F1 is suck!
SehnKhan 16 June, 2018 06:40
Because incessantly whinging about the sport on a forum is going to encourage change.
If you guys don't like Formula 1 anymore, then @#$%& off and find something else to do.

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