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Re: News and Stuff!
Sweeper 07 April, 2019 10:28
Sweeper lets give Robert that .5 secs, Second last vs last is nothing to brag about.

Ok, it's now official winking smiley

I am actually more fascinated by the difference in cars, making two dog designs in a row is impressive enough, making one car even a bigger dog than the already unimpressive design dictates puts Williams in a league of their own. It really makes the good ole 'they can' t do worse than that' a risky bet.

Re: News and Stuff!
phatjack 07 April, 2019 10:34
No, it's not like Robert had other offers ... you seem to be hung up on @#$%& on the team that give him a second opportunity.

We've seen WDC's fail on returns and Robert was instrumental in showing that. I think you are a hypocrite.

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Re: News and Stuff!
Sweeper 07 April, 2019 13:19
I think you are a hypocrite.

I think you should consult a dictionary (Sm100).

Williams underdelivers within their (said) core competency, and it is a fact. With, or without Robert, the fact remains. They have not even managed to deliver two cars to the same spec - and despite this, some idiots go on with drawing conslusions on which driver is faster...desperately trying to ignore the only cases wehere both of them actually happened to drive the same wheelbarrow. What's even more interesting, people here (bar Mehryar, who is always happy to swallow whatever media/PR feeds him with) kept moaning last year about how they were fed up with meaningless public feedback from the drivers...and still, when they now get a real feedback from at least one of the drivers, they are not happy that it is not positive and call it "moaning"...

So, after you check up what "hypocrite" really means, would you please go and point your phat finger in the right direction?

Re: News and Stuff!
phatjack 07 April, 2019 19:39
Hypocrisy is something I was once an expert in, so I think i am qualified in calling another hypocrite out on.

You to I think will come to the realization flag waving is so yesterday. (Sm100)

Re: News and Stuff!
Stu69 07 April, 2019 21:33
Sometimes the people on this board are truly pathetic!

Re: News and Stuff!
Anderis 08 April, 2019 14:18
Sometimes people are truly pathetic!
Fixed for you.

Re: News and Stuff!
Andrew Hooper 09 April, 2019 01:33
Lets try not to go round in circles of the whole driver front. Even I was starting to fall into that. Without a decent car it is just about impossible to say whether either Williams driver are doing a good job.

As for how the pair express their frustrations with not having a successful car I can understand why Robert would be that more vocal as he of the pair has the most to lose if he has a bad season. People will draw the conclusion that he no longer has what's required to be a competitive F1 driver.

As for George his recent comments regarding him not been worried about how his time with Williams will leave him alright for the future.

Re: News and Stuff!
Mehryar 09 April, 2019 19:50
George to pay tribute to JPM with a one-off helmet design in China.
Nice one...atleast for me as a JPM fan.

Re: News and Stuff!
AlanJones 10 April, 2019 11:16

Re: News and Stuff!
Nuvolari 12 April, 2019 18:00
This is awesome: Patrick Head will attend the Chinese GP this weekend: []

Re: News and Stuff!
Ozzy Osbone 12 April, 2019 18:26
Yes. PH is what we need. He towers above all the other come and go leaders.

Re: News and Stuff!
Gunk 12 April, 2019 18:57
Ozzy Osbone
Yes. PH is what we need. He towers above all the other come and go leaders.

The guys are going quicker already. smileys with beer

Re: News and Stuff!
AlanJones 15 April, 2019 04:11
Someone did an absolute epic job:

Re: News and Stuff!
Williams-123 15 April, 2019 10:40
I said a while back Pierre Gasly was hopeless and very lucky to get the Red Bull race seat.

Pierre Gasly = (Sm8)

Re: News and Stuff!
CLOVERLEAF 888 16 April, 2019 05:00
See that Racing Point have signed a deal to use the Mercedes wind tunnel at Brackley and will no longer use the Toyota wind tunnel in Cologne. So they are getting more and more connected with the main team.

Makes us weaker and weaker trying to do everything on our own whilst the other midfield teams have alliances with the big 3. Does Claire and Frank have to admit their business model just doesn't work, when formula 1 is run and dictated by what Ferrari, Mercedes and Red bull want and can afford. Of course their is always the danger Red bull have enough too with Ferrari and Mercedes and pull out. I think F1 is treading a tightrope. It could just all explode in their faces.

Re: News and Stuff!
Williams-123 16 April, 2019 05:11
I call the big 3 the big 2 now because Red Bull just do not have the pace to compete with Mercedes and Ferrari.

Red Bull do not deserve to be included in the big 3 because they are always lagging behind Mercedes and Ferrari.

Red Bull are clearly not as big or as good as Mercedes or Ferrari.

Re: News and Stuff!
Andrew Hooper 16 April, 2019 05:47
If Mercedes and or Ferrari pulled out of F1 that would pretty well be the end of things.

Everyone is so closely tied to these big two and the engines are so complicated that no other manufacturer let alone engine developer would be interested to enter into developing a new engine.

Explains why the likes of Audi and Porsche have gone into Formula E.

F1 really seems quite happy to back itself into a corner that they can't get out of until its too late.

Re: News and Stuff!
peterl 16 April, 2019 06:23
Could not agree more Andrew.





Re: News and Stuff!
CLOVERLEAF 888 16 April, 2019 06:56
Yeah Andrew, I agree. I really feel Formula 1 is putting all its eggs into one basket. One does wonder if Ferrari know this and use this to their advantage to gain extra privelidges from the Fia. I somehow feel that even if things change with new agreements in 2021, Ferrari will still get extra money.

Re: News and Stuff!
AlanJones 16 April, 2019 08:51
It won't be the end of things. The FIA will opt for cheaper and more basic engines should Ferrari or Mercedes drop out. A V10 or V8 would be back without any ERS systems.
If anything, I'd say a Mercxit would be good for F1.

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