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Re: The All New FW43
Mikef1 09 December, 2019 14:11
The question mark is how much can you net gain by selling space on the car. The estimate is probably around 60 million (for a reasonable car) Sidepods,air box and rear wing are important high value places. Front wing, front wing and rear wing end plates, sides/top of chassis are probably next up. Finally you have stuff like suspension, nosecone, bargeboards, halo.

Most big deals will feature a prominent location. Rokit being a prime example located on rear wing and back of the air box but filling some of the smaller less important areas too like nosecone and halo. Rexona again are suspension and sidepods. Latifi's sponsors would likely take the air box, chassis sides, rear wing end plates or some combination of those 3 areas as it is understood to be replacing orlen. But not all of them. ROKIT drinks probably had preferential decisions on where to stick their logo as they were announced first. That is all assuming Rexona stays put on the sidepods. At which point, you have

Rokit title sponsor (apparently around 15 mil)
Rexona (around 12 mil)
Rokit drinks (unknown)
Latifi's sponsors (unknown but unlikely to be less than 10 mil.)

Plus the other smaller sponsors the team has, it doesn't look too bad. If rexona are gone, it's bad news. McLaren announced new sponsors for next year and it wouldn't surprise me on the slightest to have seen Rexona jump ship.

Rokit committed to the team for around 5 years so to have a substantial amount of space on the car bought during hard times to me is a good thing.

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Re: The All New FW43
Mehryar 10 December, 2019 11:39
Mclaren head of aero has left the team and is free in early stages of next season.

Once again, there's not even a rumor for joining Williams.looks like it being Haas.

I don't know when will we want to replace debeer!

Re: The All New FW43
j-s 10 December, 2019 18:32
Williams have a lot to offer to incoming engineers:
- No TD means you don't have to report to anyone.
- Bad design? Blame it on a lack of testing or funds.
- Less stress. The burden of expectations is quite low nowadays.
- Russel is actually a good driver... just ignore the other side of the garage
- Get tons of miles on your airline rewards program
- It's a great place to rest while you get a proper job in F1

seriously. Who's our TD again? Do we have one yet?

Re: The All New FW43
dot_com 10 December, 2019 19:25
I think the Paddy Lowe situation might have made potential candidates think twice about joining our team. Here was a guy with a huge amount of experience and a proven track record, unable to make a positive impression while in charge of the whole design of the car. Others must be wondering whether they want to risk their careers potentially going down the toilet in the same way.

Re: The All New FW43
AlanJones 10 December, 2019 20:36
Why would we need a TD with a famed name? Or someone from another team. What if we have just restructured the team internally and all positions have been filled up with (to us at least) unknown Jane and John Doe's. Everyone deserves a shot in his or her career at one time. Even Newey got his break at Williams after some unfruitful designs before he struck gold.
I wouldn't worry too much. I think all positions have been filled.

Re: The All New FW43
j-s 10 December, 2019 22:12
Here we are, a few days away from starting the third decade of the millennium and Newey mentions still cling to this sad corner of the internet. Insane.

I agree with dot-com... Lowe's situation is a big red flag for anybody who's considered taking the job.

Hiring from within or promoting someone would just prove that Williams is not attractive to anyone who knows what a TD job implies.

Re: The All New FW43
AlanJones 10 December, 2019 22:53
Here we are, a few days away from starting the third decade of the millennium and Newey mentions still cling to this sad corner of the internet. Insane.
I agree with dot-com... Lowe's situation is a big red flag for anybody who's considered taking the job.

Hiring from within or promoting someone would just prove that Williams is not attractive to anyone who knows what a TD job implies.

Sorry, but I call bull on your entire reply.
I named Newey because of a statement that even he started from the bottom to where he is at right now. But I could've named Barnard, Allison, Byrne, Zander or Rampf also.
Also, promotions from within or hiring (we all saw some year ago how many vacant positions there were to be filled at Williams) new but no renowned personnel isn't a bad thing. Hiring Lowe and expecting him to create a giant slayer, only because of his name, was.

Re: The All New FW43
ihme 11 December, 2019 18:00
Most of our best staff had left after 2018 and it's not hard to see why Claire is saying that "we want to promote from within" - you have to do that because there arent any other options because noone wants to work for a team in such state.
We need to begin working on the 2021 car asap and we are being led by people that introduced so many upgrades this season which gained us so little performance plus we dont have any experienced TD with any meaningful achievments to his name in that role to guide us into this new eara of F1 and our aero chief was kicked out from McLaren after years of having inefficient aero on their cars.
I may sound overly pessimistic but it's hard not to be when you sum up all the bad things going on for our team as of late.

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Re: The All New FW43
j-s 11 December, 2019 20:18
Apologies AJ. The first part of my post was pure instigation.

We could promote and realize we've found the next Ross Brawn. Sure. But if the next Ross Brawn has been working at Grove this whole time I wonder why it's taken so long to give him a promotion. So yeah, promoting is not a bad thing at all. I just doubt there is any promotion-worthy candidate lurking around Grove.

Also... I agree that we don't need someone with a big reputation from the outside. What I'm saying is that anybody who's gotten to the point of actually earning a reputation, however discrete such a reputation may be, probably isn't looking at Williams. And that says a lot about where the team is ATM.

Re: The All New FW43
juras 11 December, 2019 20:24

I've been supporting Williams since 1981, I've seen triumphs and crashes ... but I've never stopped supporting the team.
Williams has never been in such a bad situation.
Still, I'm still his fan and optimist ...
The formula of success in Formula 1 has always been the same ... the right amount of money, engaging the right people and partners.
Unfortunately, Williams today does not have enough money and it is related to the fact that it does not come right people.
Although the team is able to financially participate in the championship, it has no chance to join more than the middle of the field with the funds at its disposal.
A little miracle was 2014 and 2015. Those were the years when they managed to get almost the maximum from the minimum.
Among other things, thanks to Pat Symonds who led the team pragmatically with the right dose of risk.
Pady Lowe ... it was a bet on a miracle ... one capable man could not replace too many weak points.
Pady Lowe demanded a much greater degree of risk, missing the money he wanted to replace with a casino-style ride in Las Vegas.
That would mean debts and uncertainty for the team about further participation in the championship.
Now the team has stabilized and aims to return to the middle of the field.
With the year 2021, the next step forward can come.

Unfortunately, Frank Williams can no longer give his team energy and Claire learns to actually lead and manage the team.

I still believe that we will see better times ...


Re: The All New FW43
A.Fant 12 December, 2019 19:20
2021 is actually a reason to be cautiously optimistic. The cars are so damn simple. All of William's best cars in the last 10 years have been the simple ones. 2009, 2014 -2016. Nonsense like the over complicated bargeboards and coanda exhausts etc is what has ruined the party more often than not.

I really miss the 2009-2011 days of DD diffusers, F-ducts, forward mounted exhausts and coanda channels. It felt like we were back in the wild 70's, drivers going full beans through Raidillon with one hand on the wheel while stalling their rear wing with the other by blocking a hole in the cockpit side! Jenson almost won at Monza with a barn door for a rear wing.

The 2021 shakeup is good, the cars have become very sterile. Though I have to say there was a disappointing lack of loopholes after 2014 and 2017.

Re: The All New FW43
Mehryar 12 December, 2019 20:12
Too much negativity about track actions...Though I see the problems like top3 being in a different league or constant presence of them on podium, the action we saw in a race like British or Austrian gp were as much as the whole 2002 season for example.People easily forget how dull the racing was in less than 2 decades ago.
Fights for win, podium and middle pack were sometimes quite interesting.

Re: The All New FW43
dot_com 13 December, 2019 15:59
Ferrari have already announced the launch date for their 2020 car. Itís seems like the new season is beginning as soon as this one ends. Looking forward to seeing if Williams have a change of livery next year - I didnít mind the light blue and red on the 2019 car, but for me it will always remind me of a dog of a car that raced around by itself at the back of field.

Re: The All New FW43
ihme 13 December, 2019 20:07
I didnít mind the light blue and red on the 2019 car, but for me it will always remind me of a dog of a car that raced around by itself at the back of field.

So it will probably be a fitting livery for the FW43 as well.

Re: The All New FW43
Mr Brooksy 29 December, 2019 08:51
So an article on AMuS says (according to the translation) that the rumour in Abu Dhabi was that the new Williams was running a little late at that point. I think I heard that as well somewhere during the weekend coverage, I've not read anything to confirm it until now.

Does anyone know whether there is anything to this rumour? I really hope that it's only a few days behind with a 2 week buffer. Another rollout like this year and the 'sky really is falling on our heads'!

Re: The All New FW43
Stuart L 31 December, 2019 08:52
If the cars behind schedule in terms of production / construction it would not surprise me in the least.

Money will be very tight...any company with the budget hole Williams had last year and the financial loss involved, will be dependent on bank support.

Banks often put in place finance teams and micro manage expenditure in these situations. Suppliers reduce credit terms and may want up front payments (I donít think Williams are quite in such a cliff edge position). It only takes a bit of cash flow management on Williams part to delay orders into the following month or new financial year, or a supplier refusing to start work until deposits / part payments are made and the programme can go awry.

Be in no doubt Williams have sold a majority stake in Advanced Engineering to generate cash / cash flow and demonstrate a plan to banks. That probably gives them working finance to get to the 2020 season. This team is not out of the woods yet financially and I expect the F1 team to lose £20m both in 2019 season and again in 2020.

I wish Frank would sell up now to an owner with deep pockets and ambitions to become a works team again, because where we are right now is very sad to all us fans and risks 500 jobs.

Re: The All New FW43
IanSmithISA 31 December, 2019 11:38
Good morning,

It seems that we will be guessing how much the WAE sale was worth until 2020 H1 accounts as it doesn't appear to have happened yet so won't make 2019 H2 accounts.

The problem I see is that by selling a majority stake in WAE, the value of their part of WAE is no longer available for loan security.

This could easily mean that overdraft facility (£12m, £6.8m used 2019-H1) and RCF (£10m fully used 2019-H1) and the £8.5m term loan dues Oct 2021 could need to be significantly reduced or completely paid off.

The WAE sale announcement said that EMK would be investing in WAE, but it was not clear how such an investment would be made. So the possibility of WAE taking out large loans or issuing bonds might impact WGPH's ability to borrow in the future as their stake in WAE might be considered unsuitable as security.

So what did Williams get for the WAE sale, Year end 2018 saw EBITDA of £5m, typical multiples of this across various industries to give a sale price is 4-12 giving a range of £20m to £60m, then subtract what the Williams retain a significant minority interest is worth.

It is of course hard to come up with a price as EBITDA can be tweaked and the multipliers mentioned may not be applicable to such an unusual business as WAE. Given that, unless Williams managed a great deal the proceeds of the sale could be worth as little as just enough to get through 2020 and 2021 without any new borrowing and getting rid of most of the debt.



Re: The All New FW43
Andrew Hooper 31 December, 2019 15:10
There is no way that Williams would risk disappointing sponsors again by having a car that is late. It's as simple as that.

Re: The All New FW43
GPL 31 December, 2019 16:19
I feel that Williams need to push the boat out quite a lot over winter for next year
one to make sure correlation is sorted (at long last)
and 2 to try and convince sponsors that it is back on track.

Has Claire really got the faith in her new teams leaders PROCESSES now?????.

Would love to find out exactly what has gone wrong these past 2 3 years to put us
so far off the pace.

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Re: The All New FW43
Mikef1 05 January, 2020 18:44
I think the late car stuff is all a lazy easy fake news headline. Weeks on and not a peep from any reputable news sources.

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