BMW Sauber F1
SauberF1 Team at China GP...
By mikel
April 16 2011

Hey all! This is a shout out to all SauberF1 Team fans...lets ramp this shit up and in the words of my mentor (Larry, the cable guy...) let's git er done!So...Ive been really busy with work lately....extended hours and non mandatory overtime...but I got it done, can't remember when exactly it started, but it was after Christmas.We've had two full GP's since my last blog...lets see if I can catch up...

I don't even want to get started on our DQ in Australia.A3mm +- violation (and it was less than 3mm by the way) meant a wholesale diss on the team, after a hugely sporting race by both Perez and Kobyashi...

SauberF1 Team, although somewhat small...dream big...and punch up far beyond their weight group. They always have, and always will! I am continually amazed that a team like SauberF1 Team, with a mid-field budget, can really start to fight the real heavy weights! You know, the Ferarris's, the McLaren's, the Mercedes's...the RBR's? Well, RBR ain't no frickin car manufacturer, so they don't really count...(as I've been "told")...but then again, SauberF1 Team isn't a car manufacturer either, so, now where does that leave us?

I completley missed my most favorite of tracks, Sepang's Malasian GP last week... I was off work in fact...first weekend since January...and it was nice outside for a bit, so I skipped the GP and worked on my truck!

Here we are now, the cusp of the chinese GP, SauberF1 Team qualifying 12 and 13 th.

They should have Quallyied higher...that red flag in Q realy fucked things up for most teams, SauberF1 Team not withstanding.

The c30 is quick,and reliable, but even more importantly, is easy on the tires.

I think we can do quite well here in China...deffinatelly top 10 finishes!

You dissagree? Say so! But make it a good argument mofo...make me work harder to win!