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2014: new rules, new rulers?
By De Jokke
December 27 2013

With a bunch of new rules coming the teams' way in 2014, no one knows if it will shake up the grid or not. One thing is for sure, all the 11 teams face a serious task in mounting these challenges. Will Adrian Newey keep RBR on top? Will Mercedes take over the top spot? Can Alonso or Raikkonen give Ferrari the boost they need? Or has Lotus found the sweet spot during the winter with their new car. And last but not least, can McLaren bounce back from a dreadful 2013?2014 is going to be interesting. Let's take a look at the new rules with Sky F1 man Ted Kravitz: And have your say about the new rules: good,not good, please submit your opinion.Also, don't forget to vote in our new poll about the three engine suppliers: (right bottom side) See you in 2014, are you ready, 'cause we are!!!