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Williams Racing should no longer be doubted
By Andrew Hooper
July 19 2020

 Williams Racing should no longer be doubted
Claire Williams

The results of qualifying for the 2020 Hungarian Grand Prix would see the Williams Racing Team achieve their best result for quite some time with both their drivers been able to move into the second period of qualifying. Following on from that George Russell would end up being the smallest of margins away from making it into the top ten. George Russell and Nicholas Latifi qualified 12th and 15th the first time they have achieved this result since the 2018 Italian Grand Prix.

For Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams the team has now moved on from been the focus of criticism for their poor performances' to now being one that has shown that they can turn their performances around such that Claire feels that those who continue to doubt the teams abilities should “be careful”.

She spoke of the results of qualifying to Racefans.net by saying: “It’s clearly been a long time coming. A great achievement for the team. They’ve worked incredibly hard in order to bring us to this point.”

She added: “I think we demonstrated that we clearly made progress. Today we demonstrated that, in stable conditions as well.

“It wasn’t a fluke. We didn’t have a lot of incidents or dramas to deal with. No yellow flags. We didn’t benefit from others’ mistakes.

“That was the pure result of some really great teamwork behind the scenes, working hard in practice to set the car up, learn things that they needed to. The drivers, both George and Nicholas, did a really great job.

“It just feels really good I think for everybody and not least because this is a long time for everyone to have been away. So it is a good result, I’m so pleased for everybody in the team.

“But clearly it is Q2. We’ve got greater ambitions and we want to keep making progress and keep taking the team further up the grid.”

Claire added that the effort that the team had made to get to where they are today was proof that the team is far from finished as a competitive team in Formula One.

Claire added: “Clearly we’ve had an incredibly difficult two years and unless you’ve actually been through that experience yourself, you don’t quite understand how difficult it can really be. So now being in this position and having showed that we’ve made progress – I know I’ve used the word repeatedly now – it is exoneration, it is vindication.

“A lot of people had their doubts that this team would ever be able to resurrect itself and I think that we have proved those doubters wrong. That is why that gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction, because I’ve never believed that Williams was on its way out because we are a team of fighters.

“We’ve got an incredible team spirit and anyone that does doubt Williams should be careful because we’ve got what it takes to take this team back to where we want it to be and we will never give up until we’ve done that. And I think we’ve demonstrated that over the past couple of years.”