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Latifi qualifying is a work in progress

By Andrew Hooper
August 13 2020

 Latifi qualifying is a work in progress

With his arrival as a full time driver for the Williams Racing Team Nicholas Latifi has been confronted by the numerous demands all part of being a Formula One driver. But one aspect of his process of learning has been his focus on the important part that qualifying has and how to achieve the best results in what is a highly stressful time for any Formula One driver. For Nicholas improving his qualifying performance has been one of the most difficult aspects that he has had to contend with in the opening races of the 2020 season.

He would seem to be in growing confidence after each race with his race performances not been that far behind his more experienced team-mate George Russell. This has been helped by the improving performance of the teams FW43 as the team works through introducing new updates as well as setup changes.

But qualifying has been very much a totally different experience for Nicholas with George been consistently ahead of him in all the qualifying sessions run so far in 2020. In a recent interview with Motorsport Week Nicholas spoke of his improving performance as a driver plus also how qualifying has been very much a work in progress.

Nicholas said: 的 think coming into the season whenever I was asked about my expectations the first thing I always said is I want to feel I知 making gains."

的知 making steps, in my understanding of the car, how comfortable I am in the various situations of the car, and I値l keep chipping away at it, and go in that direction.

撤robably the Saturdays I have not seen quite the potential. The progression is there but the actual result and the outcome to go along with that is not what I壇 hoped it would have been at this stage.

的 think that痴 probably the one point that out of the first races I知 a bit disappointed with.

典here痴 only really been one qualifying I致e been happy with, we致e been unlucky in some qualifying [sessions], but I have also made mistakes in some of the session where the car had more potential.

的致e still got to work on it, but everywhere else, especially the race pace and race management, especially the last two ones, have been on a nice upwards trend.

Nicholas made it clear that despite the difficulties with qualifying the rest of his experience as a Formula One driver has been one of been more and more comfortable as each races passes.

Nicholas added: 典here痴 so many elements I feel I知 getting more comfortable with overall: the engine modes, strategy, when I need to use it.

的知 starting to have, let痴 say, a bit more spare mental capacity to think about and manage effectively all these extra things. There痴 so much in F1 to manage besides.

Speaking of his recent race in Britain Nicholas added: "was by far the race I felt the most comfortable in that respect, so I知 looking forward to keep chipping away at that.


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