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Williams Grand Prix Engineering announces new board
By Andrew Hooper
September 3 2020

 Williams Grand Prix Engineering announces new board

With the announcement that Claire Williams would be stepping down from her role as Deputy Team Principal at Williams Racing and with the sale of the team to Dorilton Capital this would mark the departure of the Williams family from the day to day management of the team.

But beyond this was also the other management changes taking place with it also been announced that the new board for Williams Grand Prix Engineering would now comprise Matthew Savage, Darren Fultz and James Matthews.

Matthew Savage is the Chairman of Dorilton Capital. Matthew has been the head of the company since its commencement in 2009.  Joining him is Darren Fultz who is a co-founded of Dorilton Capital. Darren sits on the boards at all of Doriltonís portfolio companies.

James Matthews is the CEO of Eden Rock Group, an investment advisory firm that was established in 2001. James is a former British racing driver. Joining him are the other co-founders of Eden Rock who also have backgrounds in motorsports.