Racing Bulls
Evolutionary Red Bull RB7 Due to Launch on 1st February
By Ian Lockwood
January 10 2011

Red Bull Racing are on track to unveil the RB7 at the first test of the new season on 1st February

Helmut Marko has revealed that Red Bull Racing are on schedule to reveal their 2011 World Championship defending car at the first test of the season in Valencia on 1st February.

This is a break with tradition for the Milton Keynes based team, who have previously launched their car later than the other front running teams in order to spend more time tweaking the design on computers and in the wind tunnel before running on track.

Speaking to German newspaper "Bild", Marko admitted the schedule was tight "We are going right to the limit in the build-time of the new car, we will need every minute until the first of February in Valencia."

Red Bull say that the desire to get the new car to the first test is down to the arrival of new tyre supplier Pirelli. The team want to amass as much data as possible before the first race of the season and whilst computer simulations play a big part in the design of modern F1 cars, tyre behaviour is still notoriously difficult to model accurately.