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Review: F1 to join SKY SPORTS

By McDafthead
August 5 2011

F1 fans in the UK finally heard last week that the cash gusling Bernie Ecclestone has made a deal with SKY and... More >

Hungarian GP

August 1 2011

Jenson Button pulled out all the stops yesterday to win the Hungarian GP.  ... More >

Jenson brings in Win No.2 for McLaren

June 13 2011

What a Canadian Grand Prix that was, huh? Jenson Button, with a poor start, drive through penalty, Collision with his team mate Lewis Hamilt... More >

The Jacques Villeneuve Driving Academy, Quebec

June 9 2011

The next round of the 2011 Formula 1 season sees the carnival make its way to Montreal in Quebec, Canada. Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel ... More >

SENNA: Addicts Review

June 3 2011

Today I visited the good old cinema in Enfield, London to watch the legend that be Ayrton SENNA on the big screen. Addicts review the film.... More >

Ayrton Senna: McLaren Years

June 2 2011

With the release of the film commemorating the legacy of Ayrton Senna being released this month (4th June) McLaren Addicts looks at the life... More >

Jenson a good move for Ferrari?

June 1 2011

Jenson button sparked a media frenzy about four days ago, saying to the guardian newspaper that "As a kid, you are very excited about racing... More >

May 31 2011

McLaren Addicts! Our new domain is here... making it easier for you to log onto that computer and reach us here at Addict Central.... More >

Addicts are back!

May 31 2011

After a gap from Winter Testing to the Monaco GP. McLaren Addicts is back. Tell your friends and lets get this forum and site back up to the... More >

MP4-25 a big departure from the 24

January 29 2010

McLaren were quick to emphasise at today's launch how their new MP4-25 is a radical departure from last year's car. The MP4-24 was, by all a... More >