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Tadashi Yamashina

By Toyota Media
March 24 2008

Tadashi Yamashina
Chairman and Team Principal

Tadashi Yamashina's role at Toyota Motorsport, first as Vice Chairman and then as Chairman and Team Principal, is to take responsibility for technical development and outside negotiations.

Career at a Glance
1977-1998:Toyota Motor Corporation
1998-2001:Toyota Motor Corporation, General Manager of the Vehicle Evaluation & Engineering Division 2, Vehicle Development Center 2
2001-2003:Toyota Technical Center USA, President
2003-2006:Toyota Technical Center USA, Managing Officer
2006-2007:Toyota Motor Coproration, handling technology R&D and business activities related to motorsport.
Toyota Motorsport, Vice Chairman of Toyota Motorsport.
2007-present:Toyota Motorsport, Chairman and Team Principal

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