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Red Bull and Renault, Raring to go in Sepang.
By Renault F1
April 4 2007

Fabrice Lom, Renaultís principal race engineer for the Red Bull Racing programme, explains how the teamís engineers have been preparing for this weekendís Malaysian GP.

Fabrice, how was the opening race of the season in Malaysia for you and your team?
Our first race went pretty well overall. Markís (Webber) qualifying position was a good starting point, and the end result was very encouraging. The race showed us that we still have some way to go in terms of overall reliability, because although both cars could have made it to the finish, they werenít able to run the whole race at peak performance. We had some minor issues that restricted our pace, which was disappointing. But the relationship with Red Bull Racing is still very new, and our working methods are not yet instinctive. We are putting things in place step by step though, and there is good will to make it work on both sides. And thatís an encouraging situation!

You ran in Sepang last week during testing for the Malaysian GP this weekend. How did it go?
It was a very productive test. We completed 90% of our planned programme during the four days, and the team was working flat out. It was a tough session for the personnel, but I think we made good progress. We hope to have solved the problems we suffered from in Australia, and weíre looking forward to the race this weekend.

What will be your approach for the second race of the year?
I think we are feeling pretty confident, both for the chassis and engine. The test last week was very productive, and even though itís only testing, we hope to see a good level of performance, particularly over a single lap, and that should give us a good platform for the race. The team is working hard to achieve that objective. In terms of the engine itself, the data we collected last week was promising, and we donít have any particular worries for the second race of the season. Everything has gone well so far Ė so we need to make sure it carries on like that!