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Hinwil's future: BMW Efficient Dynamics, Sauber or AirAsia?
By The Offsider-BMWF1Talk
August 20 2009

Those are the 3 main chances the Hinwil-based factory has to survive, we hear. Here we analyse why

Apart from the already known Peter Sauber's rescue option, two alternatives have arisen lately.

One of them comes from claims that the team could be taken over by  Malaysian company AirAsia, current sponsor of WilliamsF1, arguably with some coordination with BMW Sauber's main sponsor Petronas, the oil company...from Malaysia, too. AirAsia leading figure Tony Fernandes commented that at the moment they will stick with far.

Unlikely rescue option? yes, especially if BMW still keeps their economic demands that high, but never say never.

Another, more likely one is that BMW would use the factory for projects related to their "Strategy Number ONE", dedicated to new technologies of road cars, especially the ones linked to energy efficiency. Le Mans project, with the efficient diesels and KERS implemented in the series, could be on the cards...just in case, you heard it hear first!

This latter solution would be good news for the staff, as it would cut redundancies to the minimum, and would benefit both the brand -and its already damaged image- as well as the cars we will drive every day in the near future. However it wouldn't be so good for F1, for the team fans nor for Peter Sauber...who despite being in a passive role, and not willing to step up at all, still has racing running through his veins, and created Hinwil for racing, not "plain" road cars.

Word from the prestigious is already confirming this alternative's chances, which we started to take into account right after the BMW's board conference (I recommend to read the full statement, paying attention to details).

Full analysis article on the possibility of Hinwil becoming a BMW base for new efficiency technologies to come tomorrow