Massa denies ever being No. 2 at Ferrari
By Jay
October 3 2013

Felipe Massa has come out to clear the doubts that he has ever been a No.2 driver at Ferrari

There have been always the doubts among fans and media that Massa was always treated as No. 2 at Ferrari, starting from the days of Schumacher, then Raikkonnen and later Fernando Alonso.

However, Massa has stated that he was never number 2, and there were no written contract saying he agreed to be No.2 to any of his teammates.

In the wake of Nelson Piquet's Lotus contract, in the 80s, being revealed recently, that stated he being clearly the "first driver" to his teammate Satoru Nakajima, the subordinate who signed a relevant "Code of Conduct", Felipe says, such contracts doesn't exist anymore.

"There are provisions (in the contracts) for you to serve the team, and not do anything that goes against what the team wants," he said.

"But I think that is a clause in every driver's contract," added Massa.

"I never had any clause in any contract defining who is the first or the second driver," he said.

Massa has been replaced by Ferrari in favour of the Iceman Kimi Raikkonnen for next season.

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