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Hungarian GP: Williams Racing great qualifying performance

By Andrew Hooper
July 18 2020

Qualifying for the 2020 Hungarian GP would see the Williams Racing Team produce one of their best performances of recent times with the team seeing George Russell and Nicholas Latifi finish in 12th and 15th. They may not seem like the highest of grid positions but it was the way they achieved them was fantastic. The opening period would see George and Nicholas both able to move into the secoind period of qualifying. An achievement that the team has not seen for quite some time. George would be ninth at the end of the first period which was a great achievement. Overall such a great performance for all at the Williams Racing Team.

 Williams Racing Hungarian GP Qualifying

Team Summary:
After an encouraging final practice session for the 2020 Hungarian Grand Prix the Williams Racing Team would commence their qualifying runs in the opening period. There was a rush of drivers coming out as there was a chance of rain so an early lap time was important including both Williams. A 1m:16.136 from Verstappen on the soft tyre but Bottas and Hamilton would move ahead with Bottas quickest with a 1m:15./484. Stroll and Perez were third and fourth. Leclerc was fifth and Verstappen sixth. Ocon was now eighth as Hamilton went quickest with a 1m:25.420. Ricciardo was up in sixth followed by Verstappen, Norris, Sainz and Vettel tenth.

The Williams drivers were currently 16th and 19th as they returned to the track for a second soft tyre ruin. After their second runs the Williams drivers were 6thand 10th with George been as high as third. Perez was now quickest with a 1m:14.881 followed now by Stroll, Sainz, Norris, and Vettel sixth. The period would end with Perez still quickest from Stroll, Hamilton, Sainz, Norris, Vettel, Bottas, Verstappen, George, and Ocon tenth. The second Williams was down in 15th in a great perform from Nicholas.


The second period would get underway as we had Hamilton fastest with a 1m:14.261 on the medium tyre followed by Bottas and Vettel. Bottas was also on the medium tyre. Stroll and Perez were seventh and eighth both also on the medium tyre. The Williams drivers were 12th and 15th with both having pitted. There would be a rush of cars coming out for their final period two runs and Norris would cross the line first. Both Racing Points were back out on the medium tyres. With the end of the period the Williams drivers would finish in 12th and 15th. Such a great result for the Williams Racing team.

With both Williams cars out of qualifying the final results of qualifying would see Hamilton taking pole with a lap of 1m:13.447 leading team-mate Bottas. Third was Stroll but he was 0.9 behind Hamilton. Perez was fourth followed by Vettel, Leclerc, Verstappen, Norris, Sainz and Gasly. In what was a fantastic result for Williams Racing with both cars making it into the second period of qualifying a major change in fortunes for a team that in 2019 could only ever realistically be last and second last. A significant step forward for the team.


George Russell:
George would be first out for Williams running on the soft tyre. George would set a 1m:16.683 to currently be tenth, dropping to 12th. He would drop to 14th but his next lap was a 1m:16.518 to be 12th. This would become 13th with ten minutes remaining. He would pit after a five lap run. He was currently 15th as he returned for his second run on new soft tyres. He would set a 1m:15.85 to be third dropping to fourth. He would drop to eighth then ninth as the period ended. Fantastic result for George. Quickly the second period would get underway with George first out again on the soft tyre. George would set a 1m:15.698 dropping to ninth then 12th. He would pit after a short three lap run. With two minutes remaining and George would return for a further soft tyre run. George would not improve and would finish 12th. Out of qualifying but certainly he can hold his head so very high along with the whole Williams team.

George was interviewed by Sky: He would say amongst many things: " just came alive at the start of Q1 ... really pleased ... last two races we have been by far the slowest in the race. I am praying for rain ... ".

Nicholas Latifi:
Nicholas would follow his team-mate out for his first run in the opening period. Nicholas would set a 1m:17.443 to be 14th, dropping to 16th. Nicholas had improved with a 1m:17.263 remaining 16th. Nicholas would also complete a five lap run pitting. He would drop to 19th as he came back out to start his second run on soft tyres. Nicholas would set a 1m:16.105 to be seventh dropping to eighth. This would become 15th as the session ended. Nicholas would make it into the second period of qualifying and would return for his first run again on the soft tyre. Nicholas would set a 1m:16.544 to be 14th, dropping to 15th. Nicholas was also back out on a new set of soft tyres. A great effort from Nicholas in just his third F1 race seeing him start from 15th.

in an post session interview Nicholas would say: Overall quite satisfied on a personal level ... big well done ... bit disappointed that I was not closer to George ...".




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