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250cc Grand Prix entry list for 1983

By Dan Moakes
December 5 2006

1983 250cc Grand Prix leading entries:

no. rider entrant bike
1 Jean-Louis Tournadre FRA Team Sonauto Gauloises Yamaha
10 Christian Sarron FRA Team Sonauto Gauloises Yamaha
26 Thierry Rapicault FRA Team Sonauto Gauloises Yamaha
2 Jacques Cornu SUI Höstettler Yamaha
3 Roland Freymond SUI Elf Moto Racing Team Armstrong-Rotax
4 Martin Wimmer BRD Team Mitsui Yamaha Yamaha
21 Donny Robinson NIR* Team Mitsui Yamaha Yamaha
32 Alan Carter ENG# Team Mitsui Yamaha Yamaha
62 Paul Tinker ENG** Team Mitsui Yamaha Yamaha
5 Carlos Lavado VEN Venemotos Racing Team Yamaha
23 Iván Palazzese VEN Venemotos Racing Team Yamaha
6 Didier de Radiguès BEL Team Johnson Elf Chevallier
7 Paolo Ferretti ITA* Lumaca MBA / Yamaha
8 Jean-Louis Guignabodet FRA Team Green Yamaha
9 Jeff Sayle AUS* Team Emco Bartol
11 Christian Estrosi FRA Pernod Pernod
32 Jacques Bolle FRA** Pernod Pernod
12 Jean-François Baldé FRA TopCard Krauser Chevallier
Bernad Fau FRA*** TopCard Krauser Chevallier
14 Patrick Fernandez FRA Bartol / Yamaha
15 Sito Pons ESP* Kobas Motorcycles Kobas
16 Angel Nieto ESP* Yamaha
19 Manfred Herweh BRD Massa Real Racing Team Real-Rotax
20 Tony Head ENG Armstrong-Rotax
25 Reinhold Roth BRD Römer Racing Team Yamaha
34 Bruno Lüscher SUI# Yamaha
34 Massimo Matteoni ITA Team Forever Yamaha
35 Jacques Bolle FRA Team Go-West Yamaha
36 Jean-Michel Mattioli FRA# Yamaha
41 Bernard Fau FRA# Yamaha
42 Guy Bertin FRA MBA
44 Hervé Guilleux FRA# Kawasaki Kawasaki
46 Teruo Fukuda JAP* Yamaha
48 Jean-Marc Toffolo LUX# RK Morena-Rotax
49 Donnie McLeod SCO# Dalmac Racing Yamaha
54 Edwin Weibel SUI# Yamaha
56 Harald Eckl BRD# Yamaha
57 Thierry Espié FRA# Chevallier Elf Chevallier
59 Carlos Cardús ESP# J.J. Moto Club Kobas-Rotax

* did not race full season
** selected races only
*** substitute rider
# Carter also raced number 28
# Lüscher also raced number 30
# Mattioli also raced number 58
# Fau also raced number 33
# Guilleux also raced numbers 47, 2 and 31
# Toffolo also raced number 37
# McLeod also raced number 39
# Weibel also raced number 50
# Eckl also raced number 35
# Espié also raced number 21
# Cardús also raced number 36

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