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Red Bull mulling over Renault relationship

By Craig Hinton
February 21 2016

So Red Bull maybe sticking with Renault for a few more years yet, lets hope Renault can produce an engine as good as the Merc one.

Red Bull's Christian Horner said he was encouraged by some of the recent developments at Renault and has not ruled out the possibility of continuing to work with the manufacturer post 2016.

The relationship between Red Bull and Renault suffered when the latter's power unit did not meet expectations in 2014 and 2015. However, Horner feels to inclusion of people like Bob Bell to the staff signals Renault's intent to improve and be more reliable going forward. The willingness of both parties to try and map the way forward has also contributed to improved relations.

"We've had some constructive discussions with Renault over the months and they seem to be acting on some of them," Horner told F1i this week. 

"They've embraced Mario Illien, made changes to their technical infrastructure and got quality personnel involved now like Bob Bell.

"I think change will start to be addressed there. That is going to take time. We are going to keep an open mind, certainly through the first half of the year."

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Red Bull mulling over Renault relationship
Discussion started by Racing Bulls , 21/02/2016 01:20
Racing Bulls
21/02/2016 01:20
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21/02/2016 01:24
Come on Bob Bell and Mario Illien please make the Renault engine super quick.

*** WILLIAMS F1 FAN SINCE 1985 ***

21/02/2016 03:03
Sooner or later red bull will need to lock away an exclusive source for a top quality engine if they are ever going to challenge for the titles again. maybe audi are still interested and will come to the party once the so called '17 changes are tabled. ATM it would appear, prima facie' that the changes will be watered down to suit mercedes as they don't relish the thought of relinquishing their hegemony thus delaying anything of consequence. once renault have their 'merde' together it will be 'me me me' right down the line. that is what anyone in their shoes would do and RB can whistle down the wind.

21/02/2016 13:57
Poor language simply put in another language doesnt make it sophisticated solus, i mean k1.

21/02/2016 18:24
LMAO, kenji, you are priceless ... refrain from giving advise, you can barely back an argument.

"When you talk, you are repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new." - Dalai Lama

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22/02/2016 00:06
yes, articulation was never your strong point duffer.

22/02/2016 00:09
phatty, still putting out your 'robust' comments i see. a great way to start my day with a good laugh. you are a joke.

22/02/2016 08:22
Craig Scarborough @ScarbsF1
Renault new engine is sounding amazing. So much turbo noise.

"When you talk, you are repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new." - Dalai Lama

22/02/2016 08:42
The changes appear to have worked and there is improvement in that area. if scarbs says so then that is cool. he knows what he's talking about!

23/02/2016 07:47
The Renault engine does seem like it has improved,...Awesome.

*** WILLIAMS F1 FAN SINCE 1985 ***

23/02/2016 12:16
Comprehension was never yours.

23/02/2016 13:20
too little, too late duffer. sorry, no cigar.....

22/03/2016 13:11
Nothing has changed around here then haha!

Hello all. - My solution to F1's 'bore' problem.

22/03/2016 13:54
Hi Loud good to see you back :-)

*** WILLIAMS F1 FAN SINCE 1985 ***

28/03/2016 11:16
Lol, gday loud.

31/03/2016 11:15
Interesting to look back a short while with all the derogatory claims that were hurled at red bull for having the gall to say in public what they [and everyone else knew]that the renault engine was 'merde'. we now have a situation where renault have made massive changes, have improved reliability and have at the same time delivered some, not much, but some improved performance. guess what, red bull have publically acknowledged this but not a peep out of the detractors!!!

31/03/2016 12:56
K1, it is similar to the trump comments right now. People just look really hard to have a go at people they are in opposition to.

A reporter drew as hard as he could a position from donald trump on abortion, and if the mother should be punished if she sought an illegal abortion. He eventually gave in and said if she has had an illegal abortion, then there should be some form of punishment...

Now the world is up in arms at the evil donald trump who wants to punish poor women in a terrible position that they must have an abortion.

He was thoroughly dragged in to saying something moderately related to what he is getting ridiculed for.

While i think trump is a fool, i think he was totally fine in this point. The people who have jumped on him with their moral swords are so wrong it isnt funny, yet it is most of the world!

If a person seeks to do something illegal, then is is only right that they should be punished under law. Why the @#$%& not? I dont understand.

Anyway, my long winded point is, people often want to make a big deal of things to put down others when it suits them. The ridicule red bull copped was out of order, and i think in their heart of hearts, most people would know that. It just feels good for them to say otherwise just so they have a chance to cut down the tall poppy.

Red bull were agressive in their criticism, but i think they felt they had exhausted all other avenues to influence renault.

I think they are vindicated now with the magical improvement we have seen when renault are involved with a car. Why would they not do the same with a customer??

Rant over.

31/03/2016 13:25
Duffer. on the Trump comments must disagree. Apologizing would have been more forth coming rather than changing his position later on.

It does leave the impression that Trump didn't clearly think things through and that is worrying.

But if I had to choose between "Excuse Me" Trump and Lying Ted ... it's Trump only because he is disrupting the system and I think that's a good thing.

"When you talk, you are repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new." - Dalai Lama

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31/03/2016 14:24
@ duffer...yes, you are quite correct insofar as people just love to become 'parrots'and push a populist mantra without thinking it through. it is also interesting to note that abiteboul has been extremely lavish in his praise for red bull and their methodology of how they go racing. he also said earlier that he felt that renault deserved to be lambasted for their less than satisfactory attempts to improve the engine.

As for the US elections....well that is on a par with the 'quali' debacle. what i find difficult to comprehend is that out of a nation of 320 million that this crop is the best that they can come up with?

31/03/2016 15:21
Phatty, you show me a polititian who hasnt changed his position, and ill show you a ghost.

Did you hear the interview in question? I think trump should have told the reporter to give up his pathetic drawing line of questioning or cease the interview.

Media is responsible for pathetic politics in my opinion. The polititians have to toe the popularist line, or they do not have a job. The media drive that.

I currently HATE the medias role. Instead of reporting the comings and goings, they influence the comings and goings by driving the headlines and therefore the agenda. It must stop. It is severely hamstringing good policies and governance.

I guess the problem with democracy in this day and age of super media and social media, the polititians must bring themselves down to the intelligence of the masses, which is pretty @#$%& low.

31/03/2016 16:47
Duffer, I like Trump's no bullshit straight-up talk and find it refreshing amongst the politically correct types.

But Trump is to smart and savvy to have put the blame on the woman (he was pandering to the voters) when it belonged squarely with the doctor who performed the illegal operation.

The example I would offer is this, a convenience store selling cigarettes to an underage individual. Clearly the convenience store is breaking the law, as would be the doctor.

Now I will grant you this, Trump backing up his Campaign Manager and not cowering to public opinion by firing him deserves top marks.

"When you talk, you are repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new." - Dalai Lama

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2016:03:31:19:52:25 by phatjack.

01/04/2016 12:31
What about a person purchasing drugs... should they be punished, or the salesman?

Breaking the law is breaking the law. Both the doctor and the woman have broken the law. It is both illegal to perform an abortion, and to also have one!

Each have broken different laws.

01/04/2016 13:37
Outside the context of our conversation I agree. However since we are talking Trump and his advocacy on pro life/choice, it was wrong. Maybe I should have been more clear.

"When you talk, you are repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new." - Dalai Lama

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