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History of BMW In Formula One

By Mike Liberty (added to by Chris)
March 5 2007

Although BMW has been known as a mark of excellence in auto racing, it has only rarely delved into the pinnacle of motorsport, known as F1!

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BMW was a manufacturer team, running Lola chassis in 1967 and 1968.
The Lola T100 of 1967, and then the Lola T102 of 1968, cars numbered # 17 and 18 respectively, were driven by Hubert Hahne.

The BMW Lola T100 debuted at the 1967 German Gp.
The team's final race, in the BMW T102, was at the 1968 German GP.

They only ran in two races!!

In 1967, Hahne Qualifyied 14th, and finished 10th.

In 1968, the car retired from the race!

We then move on to WilliamsF1, who, along with Ferarri and McLaren, are the true driving forces in F1!

WilliamsBMW ran a total of 208 races together, from 2000, to 2005, untill BMW bought out Sauber.

WilliamsBMW's first win was at the San Marino GP, 2001 by Ralph Schumacher.

In total, BMW has 10 victories since their return in 2000. Obviously, all with Williams.

The rest of this story, starts in March 2006!

Mike Liberty

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