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BMW Sauber pushing to get 2010 slot,Campos not struggling...

By BMWF1Talk/Autosport
October 16 2009

...and seems the the other teams as well aren't struggling at all, contrary to some claims. Later on we will explain why, but first we can say that the BMW Sauber management is pushing hard to get the grid slot even despite the WIlliams veto.

As Autosport is revealing, negotiations between the management, the FIA and the commercial right holders are in place.

Mario Theissen said during the Brazilian GP "We are in discussions now – we means the future owner, plus Peter Sauber is involved, with the FIA and FOM in order to get a place on the grid, that is all I can say at the moment. Currently we are talking about the 14th position... and the regulations say it needs unanimous support. "

Answering to Autosport's question about the Williams' position, Theissen commented "Let's say, I would not understand if Frank really keeps his position as the only opponent. F1 needs to get back to proper business and every team sometimes needs support from the other teams, and it will be the other way around as well."

And about when the situation may be solved, and the impact of the delay, he admitted: "There is no strict deadline but apparently it makes life difficult not to have the grid position because the team has to talk to drivers, to sponsors, and without a grid position you cannot really do a deal," he said.

"We expect to be on the grid one way or the other. Plan A would be as a 13th team and Plan B as a 14th team."

However the expectations of one of the teams failing are rather low in reality, as after initial doubts, they seem to be settling down, with this month proving crucial. In the last few days we have seen  Lotus unveiling their windtunnel car model, USF1 showing their facilities and impressing the FIA while still keeping Youtube's founder backing, and Manor revealing some details and indirectly confirming that the team will be renamed as Virgin Racing, with strong backing from Brandson.

And what about Campos? they certainly seemed to have in place the strongest technical background of all of them, with the collaboration of Dallara and well in advance planning, but there were rumors that they could struggle with finances.

Not any longer, we have learnt. According to Spanish sports newspaper AS and other sources it seems that their place in the 2010 grid is certain. Earlier rumors suggested that they could sell their entry to Qadbak and Ecclestone rushed to warn anyone against that type of move, but it seems that it won't be the case.

Campos is set to secure a credit from ICO (Spanish government credit organization) thanks to the backing for the Murcia-region government, which a few weeks ago agreed with Campos to establish the new team factory in the region, instead of the current location at Alzira, near Valencia. The quantity of this credit would be no less than 25m€, which would be enough for the first years, if we add the backing from investors and sponsors.

What's more, Bruno Senna is set to become De la Rosa's partner in the team, and will be bringing substantial sponsorship backing, estimated to be even above 10m€. That's what a very good driver with a legend family name can achieve; Brazilian oil giant Petrobras is expected to be one of the backers. The deal is to be signed soon and could be announced even already next week. His future teammate's announcement would take place later, after the season's finale, once Mclaren free Pedro Martinez de la Rosa.

Other possible sponsors expected are Spain's 2nd bank BBVA and telecommunications multinational Telefonica.

On the technical side, the car has already undergone most of the windtunnel testing of the launch version, at the windtunnel of Dallara in Parma.



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