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Denis Chevrier: "Confirmation"

Denis Chevrier

By Renault F1
March 18 2007

The Head of Engine Track Operations of the ING Renault F1 Team talks about his weekend and the Melbourne Grand Prix result.

Denis, are you disappointed this evening?
“Yes and no. It’s obvious that we can’t be satisfied with a haul of four points at the end of a grand prix, but you can’t fall into the depths of despair either after one race. I think that today’s hierarchy confirms what we saw in private testing. The Ferraris are the quickest, followed by the McLarens. Then Renault and BMW seem to be on about the same level but we were not the strongest in today’s duel.”

How can you explain the gap separating Giancarlo from Kimi Raïkkönen, the winner?
“You’re right. It’s not just a question of simply looking at the classification, but the gaps as well. Today we were around a second a lap off the pace. It’s huge, especially as we didn’t run into any special problems. We did not have the wrong strategy or meet with problems during pit stops, for example. It’s difficult to attribute this lack of performance to any one parameter in particular; it would be too simple but one thing that’s clear is that we’re not yet getting the best out of the tyres. We’ll have to sort through the data collected this weekend, find some explanations, and then improve the interaction between the chassis-engine-tyre package.”

What can we expect for Sepang in three weeks?
“That’s a good question! This circuit is very different and it emphasizes different dynamic qualities of the cars, in particular with the long quick corners. So the hierarchy may evolve. In addition, we’ll have completed three days’ testing on the track before tackling the grand prix. So we’ll have more reference points.”

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