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Constructors Champions

By kris
October 16 2005

Fernando Alonso stormed to victory in the Chinese grand prix and Giancarlo Fisichella finished 4th which means that Mild Seven Renault are now 2006 constructors Champions! which means they have done the double with Fernando Alonso already claiming the drivers championship earlier in Brazil A memorable Day in Renault F1's history today at the Chinese Grand Prix as Renaults Spaniard Fernando Alonso stormed to victory and Giancarlo Fisichella finished just off the podium in 4th place after a drive through penalty for backing cars up at the start of the pit lane.

The race could not have started any better for Renault, the lights went out and the Renault's stormed down to the first corner ahead. Fisi had to move across the track to stop the fast starting Mclarens of Raikkonen and Montoya. He got into the first corner ahead of them and slotted in behind Alonso.

In the following laps Fernando Alonso made best use of the new specification engine and managed to open up a lead ahead of the Mclaren rivals as Fisichella kept them behind him. Alonso had about a 20 second lead then this was taken away by the safety car.

The safety car was deployed as a drain cover on the track had lifted up and was a danger. But this was to late for Juan Pablo Montoya who had ran wide on the corner and the drain ripped apart the Mclaren. Juan Pablo pitted but this made no difference as the car had been damaged to much.

Alonso Pitted as soon as the safety car had been deployed and managed to get back out in the lead. Fisichella and Raikkonen then pitted on the same lap. The Renault Mechanics short fuelled Fisichella to ensure that he got out in front of Raikkonen and the plan was successful.

The track was repaired and the safety car entered the pits and the racing commenced again. It was a tricky first lap after the safety car as Raikkonen was all over the back of Giancarlo but he managed to hold him off.

Alonso began to pull away again and had a comfortable gap between himself and Fisichella. Then the safety car was deployed again as Jordan Driver Narain Karthikayen had a huge accident and the remains of the car were spread all over the back straight.

Fernando pitted straight away, Fisichella was headed for the pits but Fernando was there so he backed up the field to give the mechanics enough time to fill Fernando car up till the end of the race. Fisichella then fuelled up but was beaten out of the pit lane by Kimi Raikkonen. They joined the Race behind Massa, Klien and Ralph Schumacher who did not stop under the safety car. All these drivers later pitted and Fisi and Kimi went through.

The positions seemed set until 6 laps from the end when Giancarlo was under investigation by the stewards. He had be given a drive through penalty for backing the other cars up in the pit lane earlier under the second safety car. Fisi was released behind Ralph but in front of Klien. In the Remaining few laps Fisi tried to catch up to the Toyota but by the time he did he ran out of laps and finished 4th.

It was all over, what the team had dreamed of achieving at the start of the season had came true. They had achieved the double, the constructors and the drivers championship. The team won the constructors championship in the way they would have wanted to with a victory and finished the season in the way they stated it.
Its fitting that the last race with the V10 was won by the team that were the pioneers of the engine.

Congratulations Renault!!!

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