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Renault F1 R29 Production Timeline

By Renault F1
March 17 2009

The key stages of the production process of the ING Renault F1 R29.

08/01/2008 Wind tunnel work commences on R29 in Enstone

28/03/2008 Car specification first issue

31/03/2008 Gearbox design begun

11/04/2008 Rear suspension inboard parts defined

12/04/2008 Chassis design begun

02/05/2008 Gearbox production begun

20/06/2006 Location of KERS parts defined

23/06/2008 Front suspension geometry defined

24/06/2008 Chassis surfaces finalised by aero department

18/07/2008 Rear suspension geometry defined

27/08/2008 KERS battery pack prototype assembled

09/09/2008 Chassis manufacturing begun

17/09/2008 Gearbox machining begun

26/09/2008 Bodywork defined by aero department

12/11/2008 Car mock-up assembly begun

01/12/2008 Driver fits in first mock-up chassis

01/12/2008 Dyno test of gearbox internals in Viry

09/12/2008 Dyno test of gearbox with new case in Viry

12/12/2008 First chassis assembly completed

15/12/2008 First car build started (R29-01)

22/12/2008 First car fired up in workshop

29/12/2008 R&D testing of first car begun

05/01/2009 Final wind tunnel testing completed for first race package

07/01/2009 Driver fits in actual R29 chassis completed

14/01/2009 First straight-line running of R29

19/01/2009 First circuit test of R29 and official car revelation

17/03/2009 Cars final pre-race testing

18/03/2009 Cars leave for first race

29/03/2009 2009 Australian Grand Prix

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