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Welcome to Motorcycle Racing Online

By Dan Moakes
April 7 2004

Welcome to Motorcycle Racing Online
This site aims to bring you coverage of World Championship racing, in both MotoGP and Superbikes, as well as details of the British Superbike series. There will also be various background information available, and I hope to expand on this as time goes on.

What exactly will be covered?
The plan is to have race reports from both Grands Prix and Superbikes, as well as paddock updates and background info on teams, bikes and riders. These profiles may not be here initially, but there will be a comprehensive list of external links in the meantime.

Who and why?
I am a relatively recent convert to bike racing, and I am more of a TV enthusiast than a racegoer. Unlike many of you, I am not a biker myself (I don’t even drive), and I am not all that knowledgeable on riding techniques or the technical side. However, I hope you won’t view these as handicaps for this site’s potential success.

Can you help?
I’d like to think that you can. I’m looking for contributors in several areas.
· First of all pictures. If anyone wants to submit photographs for use in stories on this site (preferably where the copyright is not owned by someone else), they will be gratefully received. Alternatively, if you know of someone somewhere that would be prepared to let me use their pictures, please let me know.
· Secondly, are you able to supply any coverage from the major domestic Superbike championships, such as in the United States or Japan? Please submit it to me, and I will happily publish.
· And third, if you just want to get involved somehow, send insights from the latest races you’ve visited, all submissions will be given due consideration.

What else?
At this stage, the race reports are going to be based on television coverage, which means it may be a day or two before some of them appear. Where BSB racing is concerned, the delay will be longer, as these are not shown live.

Now enjoy the site!
Feel free to get involved in message board discussions, answer poll questions, and contact me whenever there is something you think is missing here. And tell your moto-mad friends... Thanks

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