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Reeves and Reeves win Hungarian Sidecar race

FIM Superside

By Ian Guy,
May 29 2005

Hot hot heat: At 4pm, in 36° heat, pole position men Steve Webster/Paul Woodhead led the Superside teams on their final warm-up lap of the impressive Hungaroring track. Less than 3 minutes later the red light changed and the first of 19 laps in what was to be a test of men and machines was underway.

From the middle of the front row it was Tim and Tristan Reeves who initially got away first, with Webster and Woodhead alongside as they hurtled towards Turn 1. Jörg Steinhuasen and Trevor Hopkinson had also made a good start, and attempted to get up the inside of Webster. But the door was firmly shut, and Steinhausen lost vital yards in the unsuccessful attempt.

Reeves and Webster immediately set about getting clear of the chasing pack, as Steinhausen came under pressure from Martien and Tonnie van Gils, and Mike Roscher and Adolf Hänni.

the pack - photo courtesy of Mark Walters
the pack · picture courtesy of Mark Walters

With the extreme temperature, many of the teams were cautious in the early laps, that expending their energy too early would be bad later in the race, and for the first half of the 82kms, the leading positions remained unchanged. Then on lap nine, both the van Gils pair, and Roscher and Hänni, found a way past a slowing Steinhausen. Next time around, Webster and Woodhead finally got the Castrol Suzuki up the inside of Reeves’ machine into the first corner and took the lead.

Behind Roscher, Reeves’ team-mates Bryan Pedder and Rod Steadman tried to pass Steinhausen into the left hand hairpin of Turn 13, but got wide onto the dusty part of the track and spun the number 75 machine, dropping back to 11th position.

Meanwhile Roscher and Hänni were making the most of the unbearable conditions, and were putting a lot of pressure on van Gils, eventually getting past the Maton Racing Etec machine on lap 12. But there was more drama to come, as Webster and Woodhead slowed dramatically along the 900m main straight at the start of lap 14, and the Reeves brothers stormed back past and into the lead of the race. Webster pulled the machine to the side at Turn 2 and stopped. As Paul Woodhead climbed from the sidecar platform he immediately collapsed and was treated by the medical staff for severe dehydration. The excessive heat had taken its toll on the fittest passenger in sidecar racing. The problems for the passenger come as they are exposed to the heat coming from the radiator of the water-cooled engines, and also the effort needed in moving around the 190bhp machines.

As all eyes were on the dramatic scenes of Woodhead being loaded into the ambulance, Reeves was backing off the pace to ensure a comfortable run to the chequered flag and victory number two in the 2005 series. Mike Roscher and veteran competitor Adolf Hänni had worked the conditions to their advantage and finished in a superb second position, with ex-motocrosser Martien, and son Tonnie van Gils a few seconds behind to take the final podium position.

A disappointed Jörg Steinhausen and Trevor Hopkinson took a distant fourth after suffering tyre problems at half distance, ahead of Billy Gällros and Johnny Briggs on the BG Sidecar Sweden Sourcecom machine. Finland’s Pekka Päivarinta and his Swedish passenger Peter Wall made a late charge as others faltered to take sixth position inches ahead of Dan Morrissey and Rob Biggs on the Team Advan Excalibur machine, and fellow Finns Tero Manninen and Pekka Kuismanen in eighth position in a dog-fight to the flag.

podium - photo courtesy of Mark Walters
podium · picture courtesy of Mark Walters

So, after one of the hardest races in the history of the Sidecar World Championship, Reeves and Reeves now have a commanding margin in the lead of the series, after two rounds and four races. The next round takes place at the Nürburgring in Germany, on 19th June – in hopefully much cooler conditions.

1 77 Tim Reeves Tristan Reeves GB/GB Team Roberts Racing 37:19.981
2 55 Mike Roscher Adolf Hänni D/CH Hänni Racing Team 37:36.247 0:16.266
3 2 Martin van Gils Tonnie van Gils NL/NL Maton Racing 37:40.807 0:20.826
4 22 Jörg Steinhausen Trevor Hopkinson D/GB Steinhausen Racing 37:53.458 0:33.477
5 3 Billy Gallros John Briggs S/GB BG Sidecar 37:58.022 0:38.041
6 5 Pekka Päivärinta Peter Wall SF/S Päivärinta Sidecar Racing 38:07.657 0:47.676
7 99 Daniel Morrissey Robert Biggs GB/GB Team Advan/Excalibur 38:07.862 0:47.881
8 88 Tero Manninen Pekka Kuismanen SF/SF Manninen Sidecar Racing 38:08.089 0:48.108
9 75 Bryan Pedder Rod Steadman GB/GB Team Roberts Racing 38:18.295 0:58.314
10 41 Sepp Doppler Bernard Wagner A/A Gemini Racing 38:39.494 1:19.513
11 9 Thomas Foukal Jiri Pertlicek CZ/CZ Fuki Racing Team 37:25.928  1 Lap
12 10 Jean Cluze Gregory Cluze F/F Team BARSA 38:01.523  1 Lap
R 84 Andy Laidlow Patrick Farrance GB/GB LF  Racing 34:27.433 2 Laps
R 1 Steve Webster Paul Woodhead GB/GB Team Castrol Suzuki 25:22.207 6 Laps

Fastest lap, Webster/Woodhead, 1:54.137

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