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Message Board / Forum Rules

By Jay & Tifosa
March 17 2010


Forza Ferrari Message Board is a community of F1 fans, intended to provide resourceful and enjoyable place for Ferrari and F1 enthusiasts. It is therefore imperative that you, as a member, observe the following rules to maintain the harmony of this community:- 


  • A decent communication protocol must be adhered to. Foul language and use of abusive words/photographs in posts/avatars/signatures/topics are strictly prohibited.
  • Do make sure that you provide sources for material that has been taken from any other website / publication.
  • Spamming is considered as a very serious offence on the Forza Ferrari Forum. It includes one-line replies which have no relevance or do not contribute to the board in any way.
  • No personal attacks on any member or racial slurs etc., will be entertained. This includes any direct / indirect attempt at trolling. All the members are part of the Forza Ferrari family and any discriminating or derogatory comment will be dealt with severely.
  • We would appreciate new members using the search feature before posting on topics that have already been discussed extensively before.
  • Please title threads accurately in order to represent the subject matter that they contain.
  • Sensitive discussions involving politics or religion are to be avoided, due to their highly subjective nature which can lead to volatile and inconclusive debates.
  • While the Forza Ferrari team takes decisions only with a forum-centric attitude, opening of threads / discussions on Administrative decisions, moderator actions are not permitted. For any clarifications, members are free to use the "PM" option for sending messages.

In observance of the above-mentioned rules will lead to an immediate warning, an infraction and deletion of the concerned post.  Repeated offences will lead to the member being permanently banned from Forza Ferrari Site.  

We, are working hard in maintaining the quality of this forum and would expect the same from your end, since the site is visited by fans – young and old equally, from around the world.

Thanking you for your anticipated co-operation

Forza Ferrari Admin Team - (Jay and Tifosa)

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