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Driver errors proves costly for Ferrari at British GP

Too many Errors !!!!

By Jay
July 12 2010

If it was the technical team that erred earlier, then now it's the drivers who are losing it for the Ferrari team.

The renewed F10 had started showing signs of pace since it's launch at the Valencia GP, with Alonso getting 3rd position on the grid for the race, while Felipe was 7th.

However, all hopes of a great start from Fernando Alonso was dashed, when the Spaniard struggled and was 5th at the turn one. To make things more worse, both the Ferrari drivers then collided, with Felipe damaging his front wing and puncturing his right rear tyre.

The Brazilian had to pit, which dropped him several places behind, and never looked like recovering for the whole race.

Fernando continued to fight with Rosberg, but could not pass the German. After pitting, he had Roberg Kubica to fight with, which saw both drivers going wheel-to-wheel which led Alonso to cut the chicane and go ahead of Kubica.

However, lack of understanding from Fernando to give back the place, and absense of radio communication from the team, Fernando continued to run with the gained position. Whilst the incident was investigated, Kubica retired after a few laps due to mechanical problem on his car, and the Stewards deemed that move deserved a drive through penalty, which put Fernando at the back of the order.

The Ferrari thus, having the second best car on the grid, couldn't yet cash on it due to driver and to an extent, pitwall errors, which would affect them in the long run for their quest of world championship this season.

Post race, Stefano Domenicali said it seems the team is cursed, “We seem to be really cursed at the moment, when everything that could go wrong, does. We are not happy, but we must not feel sorry for ourselves. Instead, we have to react calmly, remaining focussed and continuing to work in the way we did over the past few weeks. We go home with no points, but with the knowledge that we have a potential, in terms of the car, the team and the drivers, that is up to the right level to deal with the situation."

Felipe who drove nothing spectacular, was however positive of the team's chances with newer upgrades to come, “I don’t know what to do, but I have to find some way of getting rid of the bad luck that is following me around! In the last few races, everything has happened to me. However, we must not give up: we will keep our heads high and continue to push on the development of the car and then see what results come our way.”

Fernando was however upset with the penalty, though he accepted, and was still confident with 9 more races to go in the season.

He said, “I made a horrible start – we had some problems with the clutch – and then came the incident with Kubica which further affected my race. I do not wish to comment on the Stewards’ decision. The team acted correctly but the instruction to hand back the position arrived when I had already passed another driver and in the meantime, Kubica was visibly slowing down before retiring."

"On top of that, the penalty coincided with the Safety Car and so, rather than just losing a couple of positions, I lost around a dozen. Even with my difficult start, I am convinced I could have finished third, but instead I go home with nothing. The championship situation is definitely looking more difficult, but we have only just gone past the halfway point of the season and anything can still happen. The car is better and I was flying when I had a clear track ahead of me: we must continue to work and believe in ourselves.”

The Ferrari team are set to bring further updates for the next race in Hockenheim, Germany, in two weeks time, and hope everything gels for a fine result, which is due since long.


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