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By Jay
September 26 2010

What a masterful drive from the twice world champion, that brought him victory at the spectacular night race in Singapore.

Starting from pole position, Alonso kept his nerve and focussed concentration to shrugg off the pressure built by Sebastian Vettel who followed him from start to finish in second position.

Felipe Massa came , after starting last from the grid, while Mark Webber salvaged third position on the podium, in an incident filled Singaore GP.

The win moves Alonso to second place in the championship with 191  points, behind Webber (202 points), and above Lewis Hamilton (182 points), who crashed out of the race, in an incident that involved Mark Webber. (See points table)

Speaking at the post race conference Alonso talked of how a difficult race it had been.

"Obviously it was tough. The race was long and with the safety car problems and also the people we were lapping especially at the end we found a group of five cars and it was difficult to lap them. There was a yellow flag on the straight. We had to manage the gap not to overtake the guys under the yellow. I took it very easy in the last couple of laps, we know how difficult it is overtake here," he said.

Speaking on his race strategy today and the collision with Hamilton, Webber said, "We decided to pit and I questioned the team, but they said it's the right thing to do, stick with it. I got to the restart and thought, 'Ooh, that's not too bad.' I got caught up behind the Virgin and Lewis got a run on me. It was a key part of the race, it was important that I kept him out, it was the same as Monza for Lewis and I could easily have been out, and there was contact. It's not something you want to do all the time."

While Vettel spoke of the pressure he tried to put on Alonso so that he commit a mistake, "The final two laps were the only chance I had but with the old tyres the car was sliding all over the place, it was difficult. During the pit stop I made a little mistake and if I hadn't then I think it would have been close. I tried to push him into a mistake, but he didn't make one, so it was difficult to overtake and it would have been too risky. In the en we go away with second place. The car was quick, competitive and we made good progress today. In the end it is good to get points for the team and it helps us in the constructers' championship and me in the drivers' championship."

Alonso expressed his joy by texting his fans, saying "What a season this is turning out to be, so captivating and twists and turns galore. Bring on Japan..."

The result showed that all the upgrades worked for Ferrari, and a win in the twisty and turning Singapore GP shows that Ferrari have come mighty closer to the Red Bulls in terms of car pace.

With Red Bull believed to run away on this turning track, Ferrari's development team has done a great job in getting this win.

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